World’s Most Expensive Headphones, Sennheiser Orpheus, Just Got More Expensive

If you belong to the group of people who likes music, you know what headphones are. The most common over-ear models are big and bulky with big drivers stuck close to your ears. Most probably you already own a few pairs yourself. But, even if you consider yourself as an expert audiophile who spends thousands on new headphones per year, you will probably never own a pair of headphones which Sennheiser recently released.

This model was first released in1991 for the, then obnoxious $16.000 per pair, which you will have a very hard time finding below $30.000 today. Check the evolution of headphones to really comprehend how far out the old model was at the time. With the new updated model the price has changed too, it’s not $30.000 it’s also not $40.000 and even $50.000 won’t be enough. To get your hands on a pair ofSennheiser Orpheus, the most expensive headphones in the world ever made, you will have to part from a gargantuous price of $55.000. If you intend to buy them for the demanded amount of dollar bills, you are either filthy rich or a bit insane.

The end product of Sennheiser’s quest for the absolutely best sound ever made by a pair of headphones, is pricey to say the least. To acquire this first-rate piece of sound engineering you will not only have to fork over the lavish price but also act quickly since Sennheiser can only make 250 of these per year. All of those hand crafted parts take time to create and polish and Germans only have a limited number of hands to work with.

To get the idea why the price is so high we must take into account the headphones come with a whole state-of-the-art headphone station with its 8 digital-to-analog-converters, Italian solid marble structure, hand-picked by the development team, vacuum pre-amplifier and elegant moving control buttons. All of this probably still doesn’t justify the price in most people’s eyes, but if you want to make a real statement as an audiophile, you will have to forget about reasonable.

Once you get your hands on your very own Orpheus you can start to relish in the sound only a selectfew will ever be able to experience in their lifetime. This is nothing like you have ever heard before, because this is the clearest and most detailed sound humans have ever been able to hear from a pair of headphones.

You own a pair of $3000 headphones, which you brag about to your friends about? Well, hate to break it for you, but a new champion has come to town and this time around a mere few grand won’t cut it.

Check the video below to see how this audiophile dreams work in practice,maybe the video will persuade you to stall the purchase of a new home for your family and instead get this marvel of modern sound engineering.