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Tips for Unburdening Yourself to Make More Time for Creative Writing

Most professionals have to balance work and family life. Professional writers have to balance work, family and creative lives. Once a writing blog gets going, it becomes a business. You end up doing more things as a business owner rather than a writer. As a result, time for creativity will slowly disappear. But if you want your blog or website to continue to be successful, you will have to use that imagination to come up with new ideas. Here are several tips for reducing the workload in your business life so you have more time for creative writing:

Automate Everything that Can be Automated

Do you spend hours a day just scheduling and posting social media posts? Do you conduct calculations by hand? These tasks can easily be automated thanks to new software and apps, most of them free. If you can get a program to automate a certain task in your business, do so immediately. You will have more time in your hands to do something that could never be automated—writing. Don’t waste your precious time doing menial things. Dedicate your time towards only the most important tasks.

Hire IT Consultants

You don’t have to handle the headache-inducing IT stuff of your website or small business by yourself. If your blog or the site is making a profit, you may be able to outsource these tasks to an outside computer consultancy firm. Not only will you have more time for yourself, you will be able to improve the security and productivity of your blog and business. IT consulting in St. Catharines or your local area can help you actually grow your business. So, think seriously about this prospect.

Hire an Intern

Need to engage in live chat with customers? Have to write holiday greetings? If these small tasks are slowly taking over your life, you may need another pair of hands to free up your schedule. It’s more cost-effective to hire an intern or a freelancer to take care of those mindless tasks that require time but not creativity. Delegating tasks to others is a good way to free up your time to focus on the core aspect of you business: writing. Do not neglect this ever in favour of something lesser in importance.

Dedicate Weekly or Daily Times for Writing

Make a time table and schedule everything you have to do. You will spend your time in a more efficient and productive manner in this way. To make sure you have time each day or week for writing, dedicate time slots in your busy schedule just for writing. Do this in parts. For example, assign a day for brainstorming, another for outlining and drafting, and another for polishing up a post. You will have time to concentrate on each stage of writing by breaking them down into parts.

Last but not least, download a note taking software like Evernote on your smartphone or tablet to scribble things down while on the go. Don’t let that time you wait in traffic go to waste. Make the best of every minute by following the suggestions above.

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