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Surprising Things You May Not Have Realised Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Can Do

Nowadays, with all their features and functions, smartphones can make you feel like a secret agent. However, unless you know everything there is to know about your Samsung Galaxy S5, it may still surprise you from time to time. In the following article, we look at just a few of the great things you may not have known you could do with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Ultra Power Saving Mode

We have all been there when you only have around 10% of your mobile phone’s battery charge left and you hope it lasts for another couple of hours, knowing it probably will not. With the Galaxy S5 and Ultra Power Saving Mode, there is a solution to this problem. By selecting this mode the handset turn off all non-essential apps and functions enabling you to just browse the web, receive and send text messages and voice calls and gives you a full 24 hours of use that you wouldn’t have had without it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Private Mode

If you are like us, you hate that moment when your friend asks to have a look at your phone. Although they probably just want to see the snaps you took from that night out or check what songs are on your playlist, if you have stuff on there that you’d rather they didn’t see it can be quite nerve wracking. Enter the Private Mode feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which enables you to lock away sensitive files, photos, and other things from prying eyes.

Use Anything as a Stylus with Enhanced Sensitivity

Although smartphones nowadays are easy to use with your fingers, it can be nice when your digits are grubby or too cold to use a stylus instead. However, you may not want to fork out the money for one. This is when the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes to the rescue with the Enhanced Sensitivity setting which means you can use just about anything as a stylus, from a potato to a key to another phone.

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Pay For Goods with the Fingerprint Scanner

One of the defining features of the iPhone 6 is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner that enables you to unlock the phone without entering a passcode and buy things just using your phone. The iPhone does not own the monopoly on this technology though, as the Galaxy S5 also has a built in fingerprint scanner. This allows you to jump directly onto the home screen without drawing the pattern and used to pay for things in stores that accept PayPal.

Run More Than One App with Multi Window Mode

For a long time now, smartphones have been very good at getting one task at a time done. The annoying thing is when you have to flick between two different apps or features, such as text messaging and the YouTube app. The Galaxy S5 makes running multiple apps simultaneously a little bit easier by allowing you to keep track of both on the screen at the same time.

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