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Picking The Best Case For Your Smartphone

Sometimes you can find it difficult to decide what sort of case is best to buy, particularly if you’re purchasing online. A costly case may seem preferable , but it doesn’t necessarily mean it would guard your phone more effectively.

Here is  a short post that covers different sorts of cases and some advice on what to search for before purchasing.

The Basic Case

The lure of these cases is obvious; they are are reasonably priced in comparison to other cases and still provide certain protection. Basic cases are most often made up of plastic, fake leather, rubber, or some sort of mix between these.

It’s the kind of case that provides the greatest diversity of styles.

Glossy Plastic Case

Basic cases usually do provide a fair amount of protection for phones, but there is no warranty if you drop them on to a solid surface. Basic cases are an insurance card for smartphones that don’t suffer a lot of physical harm and not a warranty that an unpredicted  shock won’t cause durable consequences.

You should avoid plastic cases that seem too glossy. Glossy plastic may be a pointer of bad quality and have a propensity to rupture, or break off in some places. A small fragment from the case corner may not look like much, but letting off a phone on its corner is one of the most harmful situations that smartphones meet daily.

The Cheap and Nasty

These cases can differ  significantly in quality. By saying ‘cheap and nasty’ we’re usually  allude to to cases between $1 and $10. This case can provide protection equally good as the less protective basic case,  particularly the plastic ones, but for a significantly lower cost.

Cheap case

Cheap and nasty cases have a tendency to be made of cheap plastic and to chip off in the pocket or simply from usual daily use. Hence, cheap cases need to be substituted more  frequently.

Cheap and nasty cases come in many colours, but are generally constrained in structure and design.  You can find the cheapest cases online and they usually acquired from oversees dealers.  E.g. You can discover some of the  the cheapest cases on Ebay. You should be careful of shipping, some sites will allure you with great price and then charge you much more for postage.

Premium Cases

When we say ‘premium cases’ we are simply thinking about cases one can find from a regular retailer.  Prices differ without reins in this category, we will say the $60-$200 range with a focus on  $100 choices.

Premium cases attract majority of their  purchasers  because of the quality their price suggests. People usually expect something that is more costly to be better in production and in design. This is generally true, but not always to the level that a buyer may expect.

Wood case

Premium cases exist in many shapes, dimensions and in a wide diversity of materials. Plastic, rubber, metal and metal alloys, wood, leather and any mixture of these.

Premium cases can concentrate on  peculiarity, label name, appearance or simply on being tough while still appearing pretty awesome.

Anyone who spends this amount of money on a case is most likely doing it because they find it really attractive for some reason.  Try Googling the full name of a case before you decide to buy it, you might locate it in another place for a substantial discount.

Rugged Wear

These cases’ price is often measure of quality, but not always. It is  recommended to look for some signs of a rugged case’s endurance before purchasing.

Rugged Wear cases are usually made to ensure max protection against thrust. A proper drop on to a hard surface shouldn’t  be enough to harm a phone in  this case.

Rugged and stylish case

If you seek this sort of protection you should pay attention to the screen. Some rugged cases provide good protection against harm to the plastic frame of the phone, while providing very little  protection to the screen.

Majority of the rugged wear cases provide some kind of water resistance, but hardly any cases are totally waterproof. If you are searching for a waterproof case you should make that your first search criterion.


Skins are just stickers designed to make your device look better. They are a good substitute for non-screen scratch protection.


They are not costly and don’t provide shock protection.

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