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Main Differences Between Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

If you are pondering which one to choose for your PC,  Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, there are several things you should take into account .

We can’t tell you which is the best for you, but we can parse the most important characteristics in order to help you decide which is the most suitable option for you.


Computers using Windows 8 programs need just 10 to 15 seconds to boot up, some of them turn on even faster. You don’ t have to go and make coffee to divert yourself anymore, while your system boots up . Windows 8.1 has a hybrid boot mode that enables your PC to switch on much faster. The core allows it to hibernate, it doesn’t shut down entirely  and usage of kernels enables a swift start. Windows 8  wins in this case–  The quicker the computer boots up, the more spare time you have to spend on doing something else.

Windows 8.1 possesses more enterprise  characteristics in comparison to Windows 7. Windows to Go on the Enterprise edition allowes you to start an individualized version of Windows from a USB or any other device using Windows 7 or 8. In addition, the Windows Store is enabled by default, so  users can access applications via multiple devices.

Windows 8.1 has better backup for managing mobile gadgets, it also has tap-to-print backup through NFC and boosted biometrics,  it’s malware resistant and encoding is included too.

Still, Information technology departments all over the world ignored Windows 8.1  and favoured Windows 7.  Actually, HP reccomended IT Pro Windows 7 as the most  wanted option for corporation which are upgrading from XP.

Windows 7

Company buyers appreciate reliability over any other thing  and what Windows 7 does have is: time, familiarity, comprehensive examination and complete peripheral congruence in its favour.

People who upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 also encountered problems, they complained that the update has broken trivial stuff such as printing ability.

While Windows 8 has more enterprise characteristics as a default, Windows 7 has the advantage of being tried out and examined. On the other hand, additional  improvements for 8.1 have corrected many of the significant difficulties characteristic to previous repetitions of the OS.

Microsoft used Windows 8 as a pretext under which they restated the engine and it resulted with much faster system that uses less resources than earlier. It is a better choice than Windows 7 for cheaper computers.

Redesign decisions for common colors and less visual effects also contribute to increasing speed because of resources stored in relation to the effect of Aero Glass of Windows 7.

Generally, Windows 8.1 is preferable for daily utilization than Windows 7 and  comprehensive examination exposed upturns such as PCMark Vantage and Sunspider. The distinctions are minimal, though.

The front-facing user interface that distinguishes Windows 8 was an enormous part of a discussion since it was disclosed, and with several causes. Some consider the  thorough redesign has always seemed like two operating systems meshed together, and it became the most disserted part of Windows’ newest operating system.

When turning on the computer, users are welcomed with Start screen i.e. a page of applications and Tablet-style (Metro) icons. This Metro interface covers everything that is in the form of applications, including the classic desktop look that proved to be the preferable view for most. Additionally, apps like IE 11 are superb for touch screen for browsing the web.

Even the desktop appears to be somewhat different on Windows 8, regardless of the fact that Windows 8.1 did feature the hoped-for comeback of the start button. However,  this doesn’t come with the comeback of the Start menu ( confirmed for Windows 9 in 2015), instead it simply switches users between screens.

Windows 8.1

Saying that the refined interface had a polarising influence is a trivialization, and there are a lot of people who complained about Metro. One of their arguments was that an interface made for touch isn’t logical  on a desktop computer.

Windows 8.1 somewhat fixed the problem and users can now choose between Metro and desktop. Set up the OS, and you can get similar experience.

There are true UI upturns with 8.1. You are able to build on Start bars to double monitors with  individual wallpapers on each one. There is a qiuck universal search on the Start screen, which you can use to search local files, OneDrive files, applications, settings and the Internet. You can also browse OneDrive files via File Explorer.
The classic desktop stays preffered for a reason and wins this argument. Windows 8  attempts to do overmuch too fast and even though the 8.1 upgrade enables you to boot straight to desktop, Metro still possesses an unpleasant practice of popping up when it’s not wanted.

Security is a great matter in question for both separate users and companies and, being the most prefferable desktop OS, Windows is unfortunately the main target for malware and viruses.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 have many identiacl security characteristics, both use BitLocker Drive encoding, but 8.1 enables them by default. You are able to download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, for free, but Windows 8.1 has one built into the system.

Secure booting on UEFI systems is  incorporated with 8.1, hence it is more difficult for malware to contaminate the bootloader. PCs using Windows 8.1 are able to automatically connect to VPNs.

It’s a fact that the latest version of Windows  has more security features set as default.

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Most Popular Games For PS4

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Simply put, Grand Theft Auto V is an English creation that says a lot about America. While GTA 4 was the classic story about immigrants in New York City, GTA 5 takes place on the other side of Los Angeles, the city teeming with fascinating surfaces and its industry of image and light!

Grand Theft Auto V PS4

In GTA 5 there are three heroes you can manage and their stories overlap. One of the things corrected is that now the whole map is available immediately for players to explore, while in the previous parts you had to open it piece by piece as you pass the missions!


The player is gradually and elegantly brought  into action which improves the overall impression. The missions are varied,  mechanisms are more robust and even irrelevant details, such as the practice of yoga, are adequately integrated into the story. But in spite of all the effort spent on GTA 5 story, the best enjoyment is to get away from the story. The textures and sounds of the world around California are incredibly precise and create an ideal place for racing, flying and destroying everything in sight.

The core of GTA is rivalry between reason and savagery. Radio in the game conveys a realistic picture of the media, from reporting news to excellent choice of music. GTA has written its own rules and defined the entire genre of games, which is additionally confirmed with the title.

Assassin’s Creed IV BLACK FLAG

Assassin's Creed IV BLACK FLAG

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag puts you in the role of a notorious pirate, the fear of the Caribbean – Edward Kenway. In addition to being an inveterate pirate and captain of the ship, he also has an interesting hobby – exterminating the Templars. Edward Kenway was originally a British Corsaire, an officer of  trust who plundered ships, not for himself , but for the crown and shared the loot with his superiors. How is that he became an assassin is yet to be seen, but it should be noted that he was actually the father of Haytham Kenway (from the  AC III ), Conor’s grandfather. Rebellious by nature, he will disobey The UK and join thousands of pirates who ravaged the Caribbean Sea. The game happens in the golden era of pirates and you will meet some historical figures such as Edward Teach known as “Blackbeard”.

Assassin's Creed 4

The game play is divided into the present and the fight against the Templar heirs- Abstergo Corporation, and the past in which you take the role of captain of the above. Officially the sixth game in the series, Black Flag brings us an open world with 50 unique locations in which you operate and explore. The main centers of the game are the cities of Havana, Kingston and Nassau but locations are generally large and diverse as The Caribbean are divided  into the British and the Spanish territory, and there is also a good part of that controlled by pirates (such as the port of Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean). Research and progress through the game is divided into land and sea, they’re divided in a ratio of about 60% to 40%. As you explore the new site, you will run into a nice built shopping centers, the colonial fortifications, remote villages, caves and endless tropical jungles. Robbery is one of the main sources of money but, because you are a sailor, the prey are also captured ships, so you can recruit a crew for your second boat and  gradually strengthen your influence and strength. Recruitment is done in a similar way as seen in the AC Brotherhood but you will not be able to send your cadets on assignments around the world and not even to call them to come to aid in land battles because it would, according to Ubisoft, make the game much easier and eliminate any challenge in it. Your recruits will exclusively serve on your ship, The Jackdaw (and others that you capture),  which can be upgraded with new cannons, better sails, better wood for the deck and so on.

Assassin's Creed IV

Gameplay concerning Edward himself is quite improved. Since the game is placed in 1715,  muzzle loaders and other gunpowder weapons are still present but especially good news is the return of hidden hand blades as those of Ezio and Altaïr. Unlike them, Edward will have ( in addition to swords and two hidden blades) up to 4 guns which can shoot 4 opponents  in a few seconds which is very nice compensation for the impossibility of recruiting young assassins who could help you in battle. Also, underwater sites such as wrecks of sunken ships are loaded with gold and rare weapon that is mor fatal than those randomly acquired in a forge. Multiplayer mode returns more detailed and better , but with one fierce miss. The naval battles are no more in multiplayer.

AC IV Black Flag allows very precise third party shooting from firearm (seen in AC III), but this time you can do it while you run i.e. chase your target. If you are not a fan of this kind of games, you should get one, if nothing else, then for the great pirate theme.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The premise of the game is that the global terrorist network attacked and destroyed a multitude of nuclear reactors. In the sea of ​​chaos, national army is incapable to respond to a new kind of threat. In such situation,  various private armies or private military corporations jump in , they fill the security vacuum and meet their needs and goals. Of course, the main protagonist is you in the role of certain generic private- Jack Mitchell, gifted above average and technologically improved. Jack lost his arm in a battle, and now works for the Atlas Corporation, i.e for its Executive Director- Jonathan Irons, played by Kevin Spacey. He was dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of the United States and its inability to protect peace and democracy in the world, and therefore begins to use resources of their corporation to make the world a better place. The whole theme delves deeper into the issue of the dissolution of national states and their effectiveness, especially from the military aspect, in the modern era of domination of mega-corporations.

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was developed in Sledgehammer’s engine  instead of the IW engine that was used for the previous Call of Duty.

Call of Duty PS4

Shooting has not suffered any revolutionary changes, such as improving the recoil or ballistic performance, and considering that we have a laser and energy weapons, there was no point making a particular change to the current physical model.  New weapons introduced  : jump-packs and similar gadgets that can reload themselves ,  different types of shells (you can choose which effect they will have) ,  exoskeletons that can perform different stunts and perform movements that ordinary soldier simply can not, and so forth. However, the biggest change comes out of need to use exoskeletons, or “exosuits” , in a right way. Those who played Crysis, well remember the way the local exoskeleton dramatically changed the experience of playing, depending on whether you used it in stealth mode, stronger armor, greater mobility and similar. Same applies here.

The maps are made and designed simply to invoke the use of advanced features.  Zombies? There are zombies, but with a Season Pass. If you can not meet them (and you’ll have to buy them, if you want them), the game already has a built in cooperative mode based on the waves of enemy attacks (swarm waves)- the so called Exo Survival, but we suspect that it will not reach the popularity of zombies.



FIFA 15 is the most complete football game so far and it offers many gaming modes that will keep you in front of the screen for months and months. You can be a player, a goalie, a manager, there is Offine and online multiplayer support for Ultimate Team, extra ground on which you can train … Not to mention that there are judges (full name), possibility of determining the layout of the net and tensions “attached” to the goal and so much more.

FIFA 15 PS4 game

Emotional intelligence – for the first time in the series, the players possess memory and show emotions depending on the context of the game. With more than 600 new emotional reactions, players react to key moments such as the bad slides, missed opportunities to score, bad teammates’ reactions, an extraordinary goals scored and similar.
Dynamic presentation – to be realistic as possible the atmosphere is  enhanced with improved commenting during the game, with unique reactions of fans in the stands, whose cheering varies from state to state.


Tactics – the opponent teams, depending on the results, apply different tactics during the match. For example, they can arrange all players within their own half of court and wait for the opportunity to counter-attack, or spend time on various meaningless passes.

Agility and control – the players on the field now possess more realistic agility of movement and ball control while adding, dribbling or shooting.

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Best Antivirus Applications For Your Android

Our mobile devices are packed with personal belongings such as photographs, video, data, business contacts etc. Many are wondering which antivirus software to use to keep their data safe. We will list some of the best mobile antivirus programs+.

ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security

With ESET Mobile Security you can freely use your mobile phone without worrying about becoming a victim of any breach of privacy or online malware. This means that you can connect to public Wi-Fi, perform Internet banking and exchange e-mail, without having to worry about security. Some of the other features of ESET Mobile Security include antispam for SMS and MMS,  protection from malware and security checkup with integrated Task Manager included. There is even a remote functionality to delete your messages, contacts and the memory card in case the need arises.

F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security protects your phone in many ways. It can be used to safely surf the Internet as well as to keep your cell phone against theft and data loss. F-Secure Mobile Security also offers advanced features of  parental controls for safeguarding children from inappropriate web content. The company claims that you can expect automatic real-time protection against Trojans , spyware and viruses with the F-Secure application .

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus

If you are concerned that your antivirus drains your cell phone battery, here is an Android app that will help to solve that problem. On the Lookout Security & Antivirus application you will be able to block spyware, malware and trojans without worrying that your battery will be exposed to accelerated wear. You can also set daily or weekly antivirus scanning, as well as the supervision of files whenever you think that you might be threatened. Lookout Security & Antivirus also does backup of all your contacts on and helps in finding your stolen phone on Google Maps.

Norton Antivirus & Security

Norton Antivirus & Security

After providing a secure solution for your computer, Norton Antivirus & Security now extends to mobile field. Automatic antivirus scan is conducted on downloaded applications and updates. Norton even has the ability to remove mobile security threats that are commonly used to steal personal information from your cell phone. The application also locks your phone in case of theft with remote functionality  and blocks fraudulent and phishing websites.

Kaspersky Mobile Lite

Kaspersky Mobile Lite

Kaspersky Mobile Lite allows you to defend against theft, filters unwanted calls and SMS messages, finds the missing phone and deletes data from your phone. Moreover, you can also be alerted to potentially dangerous applications before they are able to cause damage to your phone. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite is a completely free solution.

McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee Antivirus & Security offers you protection from theft, antivirus, protection against harmful applications, safe surfing and SMS filter. McAfee Antivirus & Security scans the SD card for malicious code and also scans downloads, files and applications. Other features are the ability of the device to lock, remote data wiping and secure mobile Web surfing. There is even a remote alarm that makes your phone beeps if it is lost somewhere..

Dr. Web Mobile Security Suite

Dr. Web Mobile Security Suite

Dr. Web Mobile Security Suite provides owners of Nokia Symbian phones multitude of features to protect your phone from a variety of risks. There are also several advantages that include a quick scan, easy managing  and friendly user interface. The application also helps to protect users from unwanted incoming SMS messages and calls.

Mobile Technology

5 Smartphones With Best Cameras

Recent researchs have shown that smartphone users use camera the most. There’s  a bunch of devices with good cameras on the market. Some are even much better than conventional photo cameras. We recommend you the best:

Apple iphone 4s

Apple iphone 4s

Apple has set an extremely high standard with its latest model 4s . Iphone 4s has excellent camera of 8 MP which is capable of producing images of 3264 x 2448 pixels. The camera has a lens of 5 elements with an aperture of F2 / 4  developed by Sony. This appliance requires only 1.1 seconds to make the first image, and only half a second between the following photos. The results of this camera are extraordinary, the colors are vivid, image sharpness is also flawless as well as white balance. Images recorded with this camera are rich in detail, even when the image is an object that is in the shade.  Iphone 4s camera also includes an optional 1080p HD video at  30 frames per second. The device also has a LED flash for shooting in lower light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II

Galaxy S II  has a 8MP camera that makes image resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. The camera makes images “come alive” and ,as far as the options and features of the camera, this model offers virtually everything. It has autofocus, touch focus, scene modes, detection (identification) of the face, smile and blink ; geotagging and digital image stabilization. Pictures taken with the camera abound in “fine” details and colors but also in good contrast.  This camera produces images with incredibly low processing artifact  (traces of focus images). Another outstanding performance  this model possesses is the ability to record HD video at 1080p at 30fps. Galaxy S II is equipped with LED flash .



HTC EVO 3D has not one but two 5MP cameras on its back that enable production of 2D images with resolution of 2560X1920 pixels  and stereoscopic 3D images with maximum quality of 2MP. This instrument has a slider that changes the function of the camera depending on the image you want to create (2D or 3D). The camera also features face detection and Geotagging. Although the key function of this camera is 3D imaging and recording , it seems that adding 3D options to this phone went to the expense of quality of “ordinary” pictures. Videos that this device makes are of 720pHD at 30fps. The colors are live, depth and contrast are great and there’s a dual-LED flash.

Nokia N8

Nokia N8

This device has an impressive 12MP camera which is capable of producing images of 4000 × 3000 pixels. This device is equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens, a name that speaks for itself. The camera handles with following options: the autofocus, face detection, Geotagging … Any aspect of this device is outstanding, whether in terms of color, contrast, rich detail or taking pictures in less light. This device is among best choices when it comes to video recording of 720p (1280 × 720 pixels) at 25 frames per second. Optical zoom is remarkable even when shooting an HD footage. N8 is equipped with Xenon flash for shooting in moderate light.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

This is a device that users around the world have described as the best device of this company in recent years. Sony Ericsson incorporated excellent 8MP camera in this device. It has autofocus that is capable of producing images of 3264 × 2448 pixels. As well as the other models mentioned above,  this one is equipped with numerous features such as touch focus, the image stabilization, geotagging,  face and smile detection . HD video clips made by this camera are of 720p at 30 fps with autofocus which operates continuously. The quality of images as well as videos is outstanding, with a wealth of “fine” details, vivid colors and excellent contrast. It also possesses a LED flash.

Mobile Technology

Overview Of Nexus 5

LG is responsible for making the Nexus phones for Google this year. The company had decided that the basis of the new device should be the top model LG G2, but with minor changes. Thus, the screen on the Nexus 5 is little smaller, the camera has smaller sensor and smaller battery capacity, but the latest version of Android as always. If you do not like changes to Android and if you want to always have the latest phone software version available – Nexus 5 is the solution. Read  what are its advantages and disadvantages below.


– Always gets Android first
– The screen is phenomenal
– The camera with optical image stabilization
– Strong hardware


– Camera’s software is illogical
– The battery is below expectations
– The volume of external speaker could be stronger

Design and housing

Nexus 5

Google does not have much sense of design, neither hardware nor software , hence the housing of Nexus 5 looks pretty simple. It is characterized by sharper edges than we’re used to  see on phones and a housing made of rubberized plastic. The advantage of rubberized plastic is that the phone is less likely to slip out of your hands , but it is a magnet for fingerprints, which can be frustrating.  Plastic itself looks very strong and resistant, it gives an excellent impression when  holding the phone in your hands and it is obvious that it is a premium device.

Complete housing is made from a single piece of plastic, which means it is not possible to separate the back part, in order to, for example, replace the battery. A slot for memory card does not exist, and the only thing on your device you can open is a “drawer” in which micro SIM card  is placed (it’s opened with a needle that comes with the package). The phone weighs 130 grams which is rare for 5-inch devices. Concerning other relevant information related to the case, it should be noted that the camera only looks great – but it is not. Google decided to play around with design tricks which are not very smart  because there’s a greater possibility of damaging the camera.


Nexus 5, as most top models  introduced in 2013,  comes with a Full HD screen resolution, ie 1920x1080px. Screen size is 5 inches, which yields density of 445 ppi (pixels per inch). Its IPS display technology is one of the best currently available.  Gorilla Glass protective glass  protects the screen from physical damage such as scratches.


LG Nexus 5

Nexus 5 hardware is one of the stronger models. It’s powered by Snapdragon 800 processor with four Krait 400 cores running at 2.3 GHz. There is also an Adreno 330 graphics processor. There is a 2 GB of RAM. The device is available with 16 or 32 GB, and as already been said – is not expandable by memory cards. The important thing is that, on the 16 GB model ,12 GB is user available.


Nexus 5 comes with the latest version of Android – KitKat or numerically 4.4.2. This device is definitely designed for those who want upgrades and who curse producers not letting them new upgrades for Android, although their hardware devices support them. The device comes with a “pure” Android, ie without any additional interfaces like TouchWiz,  Sense and etc. Softver is really fast and fluid. KitKat generally does not make any substantial changes in the software, besides little altered design and new widgets. One of the changes is that now there is only one home screen . Other screens are not cut out they just do not exist until you start adding some content to them. In addition, it should be mentioned that the widgets are  no longer part of the application menu, but they are accessed via long press on the empty spot on the screen. Regarding the notification center, its functionality is the same as before but the difference is that the displays are now in white.

Connection Types

Nexus 5 has all the standard connection types – WiFi, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot, DLNA, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. It should be noted that transfer of contents of the screen to another device (monitor or TV) is supported through Miracast protocol. Of course, there is also 3G with transfer speed up to 42 mbps but  also a 4G – which is new on Nexus devices. The Nexus 5 is the first Nexus which has the ability to connect to 4G or LTE networks. Another note -there’s no handset in the sales package . You read that right – no headphones, so you’ll just have to buy them. Of course, there is a 3.5mm audio jack. Also, FM radio is  absent.

Nexus 5 2015


Nexus 5 comes with 8 MP camera resolution, which has optical stabilization and LED flash. Although we are accustomed to more pixels (13, 16 or 20), these 8 of Nexus are quite enough. The camera on Nexus 5 is excellent, unlike the older Nexus, where it was usually quite critiqued. Regarding technical stuff, the size of the sensor is 1 / 3.2 inches, which ensures that each pixel has a diameter of 1.4 nanometers, which is visible improvement in comparison to its predecessor. This means that the sensory cells can receive more light  which ensures more quality shots from the start.


One of the biggest flaws is the battery life. For some strange and completely obscure reason Google decided to install the battery of 2300 mAh only. With a normal use it shall endure from morning till night. In standby mode, the phone is optimized not to wear out the battery , but one thing is for sure – no one in their right mind buys a smartphone to use it only for phone calls or to keep it in the pocket.

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Which Is The Best Image Editor For You?

Each of us, at least sometimes, wishes to process a photo: to remove irregularities, cut, rotate or edit colors. However, what is the best program for editing and processing images? In this article, you have the opportunity to discover some of the top programs for editing photos.



Pixelmator is a simple program with  very nice software environment and it’s designed for Mac users. With the possibility of adding layers and lots of photo editing tools, Pixelmator offers a number of options. It’s great for Mac users who do not require a lot of programs for editing images and, at the same time, do not plan to allocate a large sum of money.



Inkscape is a program for creating vector graphics such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Xara X. It also offers you a handful of other options and it is certainly worth mentioning.



Fireworks is Adobe’s image editing program for web designers.  It outstrips its big brother Photoshop in several fields because it is highly specialized for web designers. It is intended for raster and vector graphics and has the ability to work simultaneously with both formats much easier and better than in Photoshop.



GIMP is a powerful software for editing photos. With its customizable software environment  it is easy to regulate and to adjust to each user’s needs. It is compatible with all major operating systems so it can be installed on Linux, Mac and Windows. It has a large number of tools for retouching and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


Paint.NET is one of the best free alternatives to other expensive image editing programs.

Paint.NET is free image editing software which was developed by Washington State University with the help of Microsoft and was intended as a replacement for the standard MS Paint.

However, Paint.NET offers many more features, including tools you can find only in expensive commercial products. Thanks to many extras, you can customize and improve the program. You can even open Photoshop PSD files with the help of plug-ins.



Photoscape is a program that permits you to view, edit and process images.

Do you want a quick overview of all digital photos and optimize them with simple tools? Then free Photoscape is an ideal program for you.

Photoscape has all the necessary tools for working with digital photos. In addition to browser files, the program also includes tools for simple cutting, editing brightness and focus. It also contains a GIF animator and many other functions.



Picasa is a free software for organizing and processing images and video clips.

Picasa sorts all your pictures and videos on your hard drive by shooting date. When you connect a digital camera to your computer, Picasa assumes all  pictures with one click.

The desired images can be sent via e-mail, printed or exported. Also, you can make a photo CD or save images on the web.

Simple image processing (eg, red-eye removal or supplementing colors, etc.) Can be performed immediately in the program. Pictures can be renamed individually or collectively. You can even make a small film out of your images  and upload it to YouTube.



IrfanView is a free image viewer with all  important tools and supports more than 60 file formats.

IrfanView has grown into a tool that can not only read over 60 image formats, but also audio and video files (WAV, AVI, MP3, OGG, MPG) and animated GIFs. In addition, you can quickly browse graphic collections and launch built-in slide show. There are also simple tools for image editing and graphic converter.



It’s no surprise that Photoshop is the absolute winner here. Photoshop is a program that first comes to mind when files editing in question, and there is very little about this program that has not been said. Photoshop is definitely the best software for editing photos and  creating elements for web sites on the market!

Mobile Technology

Picking The Best Case For Your Smartphone

Sometimes you can find it difficult to decide what sort of case is best to buy, particularly if you’re purchasing online. A costly case may seem preferable , but it doesn’t necessarily mean it would guard your phone more effectively.

Here is  a short post that covers different sorts of cases and some advice on what to search for before purchasing.

The Basic Case

The lure of these cases is obvious; they are are reasonably priced in comparison to other cases and still provide certain protection. Basic cases are most often made up of plastic, fake leather, rubber, or some sort of mix between these.

It’s the kind of case that provides the greatest diversity of styles.

Glossy Plastic Case

Basic cases usually do provide a fair amount of protection for phones, but there is no warranty if you drop them on to a solid surface. Basic cases are an insurance card for smartphones that don’t suffer a lot of physical harm and not a warranty that an unpredicted  shock won’t cause durable consequences.

You should avoid plastic cases that seem too glossy. Glossy plastic may be a pointer of bad quality and have a propensity to rupture, or break off in some places. A small fragment from the case corner may not look like much, but letting off a phone on its corner is one of the most harmful situations that smartphones meet daily.

The Cheap and Nasty

These cases can differ  significantly in quality. By saying ‘cheap and nasty’ we’re usually  allude to to cases between $1 and $10. This case can provide protection equally good as the less protective basic case,  particularly the plastic ones, but for a significantly lower cost.

Cheap case

Cheap and nasty cases have a tendency to be made of cheap plastic and to chip off in the pocket or simply from usual daily use. Hence, cheap cases need to be substituted more  frequently.

Cheap and nasty cases come in many colours, but are generally constrained in structure and design.  You can find the cheapest cases online and they usually acquired from oversees dealers.  E.g. You can discover some of the  the cheapest cases on Ebay. You should be careful of shipping, some sites will allure you with great price and then charge you much more for postage.

Premium Cases

When we say ‘premium cases’ we are simply thinking about cases one can find from a regular retailer.  Prices differ without reins in this category, we will say the $60-$200 range with a focus on  $100 choices.

Premium cases attract majority of their  purchasers  because of the quality their price suggests. People usually expect something that is more costly to be better in production and in design. This is generally true, but not always to the level that a buyer may expect.

Wood case

Premium cases exist in many shapes, dimensions and in a wide diversity of materials. Plastic, rubber, metal and metal alloys, wood, leather and any mixture of these.

Premium cases can concentrate on  peculiarity, label name, appearance or simply on being tough while still appearing pretty awesome.

Anyone who spends this amount of money on a case is most likely doing it because they find it really attractive for some reason.  Try Googling the full name of a case before you decide to buy it, you might locate it in another place for a substantial discount.

Rugged Wear

These cases’ price is often measure of quality, but not always. It is  recommended to look for some signs of a rugged case’s endurance before purchasing.

Rugged Wear cases are usually made to ensure max protection against thrust. A proper drop on to a hard surface shouldn’t  be enough to harm a phone in  this case.

Rugged and stylish case

If you seek this sort of protection you should pay attention to the screen. Some rugged cases provide good protection against harm to the plastic frame of the phone, while providing very little  protection to the screen.

Majority of the rugged wear cases provide some kind of water resistance, but hardly any cases are totally waterproof. If you are searching for a waterproof case you should make that your first search criterion.


Skins are just stickers designed to make your device look better. They are a good substitute for non-screen scratch protection.


They are not costly and don’t provide shock protection.

Mobile Technology

World’s Priciest Mobile Phones

Life without a mobile phone is almost inconceivable nowadays, and  possession of  exclusive, the so-called “limited edition” and unique models, has become a matter of prestige. You  will find 10 most exclusive, the most extravagant and the most expensive mobile phones in the world on our list below:

10. Porsche Design Blackberry

Porsche Design Blackberry

Porsche Design P’9981,  the BlackBerry’s smartphone, is a smart amalgam of the Porsche’s luxury and BlackBerry’s iconic design. Its frame of stainless steel coated with high-quality leather in combination with BlackBerry’s recognizable functionality makes this mobile phone worth $ 2,500 a highly desirable luxurious device.

9. Golden Edition 8800

Golden Edition 8800

Belongs to the Nokia 8800 model, but this time in a gold casing. Specs say that besides of pure gold this model possesses a TFT screen 5 mega pixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth and many other accessories that can be found in similar devices. The price at which you can get this phone is $ 2,700.

8. Gresso Regal Titanium Black

Gresso Regal Titanium Black

“Gresso Regal Titanium Black” , except its interesting shape, has a titanium PVD coating that provides extra protection to the phone. Designed in a way that its component parts harmoniously fit into a single entity, “Gresso Regal” costs 5,000 USD.

7. Tag Heuer Racer

Tag Heuer Racer

Tag Heuer Racer comes in three variants with an average price of 6,500 USD. Each model mimics the shape and appearance of the “Formula 1” racing cars in a unique way and it will certainly cause a great deal of attention of professionals and sports enthusiasts.

6. Vertu Ferrari

Vertu Ferrari

Vertu Ferrari, also known as The Constellation Quest Ferrari by Vertu , except its intriguing design has unique coating fifty times thinner than a human hair but it is strong as steel. However, what makes this mobile phone really special are three unique ringtones that are actually images of a sports car “Ferrari 458 Italia” on a test drive. Vertu Ferrari’s price is $ 7,000.

5. Vertu Ti

Vertu Ti

Vertu Ti is known as one of the best luxury phones on the market. This Android smart phone has a titanium case and sapphire screen and 8 megapixel camera. It offers its buyers a wide range of variations. Price of Vertu Ti mobile phone is 10,000 USD.

4. Motorola V220 Special Edition

Motorola V220 Special Edition

You are able to afford this phone for only 51,800 dollars . The credit for the design of this phone goes  to Australian Peter Aloisson. When he was asked why this phone is unique, the answer was: using 1200 diamonds and 18-karat gold designer of ordinary phone made a small fortune.

3. The Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Ulysse Nardin Chairman , the joint productof  “Ulysse Nardin” and “Uncellsa”, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive series of mobile phones in the world, and is also the world’s first “hybrid-powered” smart phone. “Ulysse Nardin Chairman” will cost $ 130,000.

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

“IPhone 5 Black Diamond” will cost a whopping 15.3 million and as such is undoubtedly the most expensive phone on the planet. What makes it so precious it is, as its name suggests, the main button made of 26-carat black diamond.

1. Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Very simple phone with the famous Lamborghini Logo engraved on the front and back of the device. The phone is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire coating. Included accessories are  : special Lamborghini themes and melodies as well as the mini video documentary. Price of this phone is not yet known.

Latest Tech

Gadgets for Women

Women are known to be faithful followers of fashion trends and the key to their growing interest for technology could be lying right there. They are eager to follow everything that is modern and contemporary . In accordance with this fact women are trying to adjust their  lifestyle to Technological innovations, to escort a viral trend or possess the latest modern gadget.

These are some of our suggestions:

1. Eco mouse

Yes, the first biodegradable computer mouse in the world, “Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO” does not contain plastic, but is made from renewable materials and can be 100 percent recyclable.

Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO

If it is important to highlight your environmental awareness – this is a a nice gadget that , at the same time, will not cost more than a traditional mouse.

This unit is evidence that “green” products do not necessarily entail compromise on quality, features or performance. Eco-model looks like a standard mouse and features all the modern functionalists such as “scroll” -wheel or high precision, thanks to the optical sensor of 1000 dots per inch. It is even more comfortable to use than the plastic model , as its “shell” is more elastic than other renewable materials.

2. No matter how useful,  USBs are often lost, especially in crowded women’s bags. If you are tired of  looking for your USB memory among all the lipsticks, handkerchiefs, paper and other trifles , then bring it on your hand. Not in your hand but on it! Ming Wu has designed a ring that is actually USB. Minimalist square-shaped ring is available in gold, silver and copper color with a hidden miniature USB. In addition you get a chic accessory, all data and photos that are saved will be on display and you will not risk having them lost.

Ming Wu USB ring

3. If you’re the kind of person who runs out of battery in no time, then you will surely be interested in bags that are used for battery charging. Yes, you read it right, Mighty purse is made of genuine leather and comes in several different colors.  There is LED and battery cable within it , that can connect and charge the phone. Of course, purses must be charged. They are suitable for tablets, Android and iOS phones.

mighty purse batteries

4. Hardworking housewives and  technology devotees will be delighted with the innovation presented at IFA trade fair in Berlin. It is a new generation of refrigerators presented by LG, which have an internet connection and send a picture of the interior to the owner of the phone . With this stylish gadget you will have the insight in the amount of food in your refrigerator during shopping and you would be able to find out what you may need to acquire. An application that informs you about the situation in the fridge allows you to check the expiry dates and plan what you are going to cook, based on the ingredients you have. Within the application you can find recipes and meal plan by age and weight.

The Internet Refrigerator LG

5.  Women In Korea no longer have to worry about having their makeup “grow stale”. They can buy a small refrigerator for makeup and other cosmetics!

Fridge is about 10 inches tall, deep enough and wide enough to hold a few products that don’t consist chemical preservatives and whose shelf life is shorter than other lipsticks, creams etc. Holding of such products in the bathroom leads to more rapid growth of bacteria, due to elevated temperatures and humidity during bathing.

make up fridge korea

The Makeup Fridge not only cools, but also has a UV light that neutralizes bacteria.

If you need this gadget you can buy it online for 136 euros.

If you haven’t already, we suggest you to join the fans of technology and make the most of the advantages that modern technology brings.

Apps and Software

How to install WhatsApp on an iPad

whatsappSurely you’ve had the opportunity to use WhatsApp Messenger, an excellent application for free messaging and multimedia content in general (of course if you’re online).

WhatsApp is more popular because it is available not only for iOS users  but also for all other mobile platforms : Android, BlackBerry, Nokia (S 40 and Symbian), Windows Phone.

You can assume that it is reserved only for phones, not iPad and iPod touch. Thanks to jailbreak commune usage of WhatsApp Messenger on iPad is possible.

We’ll show you how to install and use WhatsApp on iPad:

1. You must have jailbreaked iPad.

2. Download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility from the address below:

Download WhatsApp Messenger. ipa file here (10MB)

3. Connect your iPad to your computer

4. Launch iPhone Configuration Utility and you will notice the related iPad , left click on it

5. Click the Applications tab at the top of the screen to the right (not left)

6. Click on the blue button Add from the top of the screen and select the downloaded application (ipipada file)

7. When you select an app, scroll down and click on the Install Now. The application will appear on the iPad

8. Now run Cydia on the iPad and search for and install a free WhatsPad  addition

Run WhatsApp and set it: you have to enter your mobile phone number and you will get an SMS with the three-digit PIN that you enter in WhatsApp on iPad.

You now have a functional WhatsApp on your iPad to send free messages.