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5 Affordable GPS Systems For Cars

Global Positioning System – GPS is currently the only fully functional planetary satellite navigation system. GPS consists of 24 satellites deployed in Earth’s orbit, which transmit a radio signal to the Earth’s surface. GPS receivers based on these radio signals can determine their exact position – altitude, latitude and longitude – anywhere in the world, day and night and in all weather conditions.

Navman EZY – is considered to be one of the best in Europe . However, this model provides only basic things and hasn’t got many extra features like other “Navman” models   . It has a screen of 3.5 inches and is capable of displaying 2D and 3D maps. Review and Response screens are good.
Price: Around 70 euros

Navman EZY

TomTom Start 20 – This is the “low-budget” model  i.e. it offers only the most basic options. Despite the fact that it was not equipped as a more powerful models, “Start 20” provides the ability to connect bluetooth headsets and displays traffic jams on the way.
Price: About 90 euros

TomTom Start 20

Mio Spirit 687 – Mio is he company that has made some excellent business moves and managed to reach the very top when it comes to offering navigation. This model provides some interesting services such as voice control, the ability to use Google services and even the option of joining the DVD player to the very screen of five inches.
Price: 150 euros

Mio Spirit 687

Garmin nüLink! 1695 – Probably the best known company for the production of satellite navigators. The device labeled “nüLink! 1695 ” brings the big screen of five inches, which perfectly reproduces colors. In addition, it monitors traffic on the road where the driver is located, and it regularly gives you notices about crowds. There is also a regular upgrade of maps.
Price: 200 euros

Garmin NuLink 1695

Blueberry 2GO447 navigation is extremely thin and easy to carry (weight 126 gr.). Touch screen is slightly smaller than 11 cm . Dimensions are 117mm x 77mm x 13mm. With Blueberry 2GO447 you can get clear voice instructions that will enable more secure and safer driving. This is the model with FM transmitter (87.6-107.9MHz) that quickly, easily and  wireless connects portable music players. Blueberry 2GO447 enables you to watch movies, photos and listen to music via simple control on the screen. It has an internal memory of 4 GB, and supports SD cards up to 8GB. Navigation supports formats: WMV9, MPG4, Divx, MPEG2 (res. 480×272), AVI, ASF, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, … With this navigation you get: car charger, USB cable, windscreen holder, user manual.

Blueberry 2GO447

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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Jail Breaking Your iPhone 6

Although there is no debate about the fact that the iPhone 6 is one of, if not the most popular and best smartphones on the market right now, the main problem people have with it is the actual iOS operating system. There is a severe lack of customisation options compared to what is available on most Android powered phones. This is why so many people jailbreak their phone, to unlock the hidden potential.

If you are wondering whether you should jailbreak your iPhone 6, here are a few great reasons why you should.

Improve the Usefulness of the Lock Screen

Jailbreak iPhone 6

The default lock screen for the iOS is not particularly useful. It includes the usual details such as the time and any notifications waiting for you, but nothing else. If you go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone though, you are now able to use a variety of different tweaks that transform the lock screen into something incredibly useful.

Of all the available lock screen replacements, the most packed and well-put together one is Convergence. It converts the one boring lock screen into multiple screes with different information on each, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and volume settings on one, or calendar and reminder on another. In addition, a screen enables you to bring the camera app up quickly.

Use Banned Apps

Apple is infamous for banning all kinds of different apps from their iTunes App Store. Although this is mostly a safety measure to ensure malware does not get onto your device, there is also the ulterior motive involving competition. When you jailbreak your iPhone though, you can access these banned apps. Most of the apps banned from the iTunes App Store appear on Cydia, the jailbreak counterpart.

Some popular examples of thee include the likes of backup apps, video game emulator aps and various other things.

Enhanced Anti-Theft Features

iCaughtU pro

Although the popular Find My iPhone has its uses, it is riddled with loopholes that do not make it as good a deterrent to thieves as it could be. A simple switch to Airplane Mode makes it useless, for instance. However, with jailbreak apps like iCaughtU, you have a better chance of keeping your iPhone safe.

Customise Apps to Suit You

While jail breaking your iPhone will enable you to tweak and customise many different things concerning iOS, the same also applies to third-party apps. Jailbreak apps such as Flex 2 for instance, exist to help fix or improve the annoyances of third-party apps.

There is even the option to create your very own tweaks with the app, but there are plenty of use-created tweaks if that sounds like too much work. It is very easy to browse and scroll through the list of apps (the ones you already have installed on your phone), choose one and then you will find a list of usable and applicable tweaks for that app.

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Interesting And Useful Hidden Features Of The iPhone 6 and iOS 8, You Need To Try!

It will come as no surprise that the new iPhone 6 and iOS8 are both packed with great new features. The big, headline stealing features may be the stars of the show, but there are also small, but just as cool and interesting additions that you may not have heard of yet. In the following article, it is those smaller and additions that we are going to discuss. The ones you probably did not know even existed.

Last Location Send to Apple When Battery Is At Low Level

Find My iPhone is a useful app to have installed as it can help locate your phone if it is stolen or lost. However, it is only useful for tracking your phone as long as there is still charge and the phone on. A new setting on Find My iPhone that solves this problem. In the iCloud settings of the Setting app for Find My iPhone you can opt for your phone to send its most recent location to Apple when the battery reaches a low power level. Apple logs this information for 24 hours and then deletes it. You can login to your iCloud account at any point during that period and find out where your phone was last before the power ran out.

iPhone 6

Safari Features Built-In Credit Card Scanning Capabilities

Of all the new additions to the iPhone 6 and iOS8, Safari features one of the best. Apple’s web browser is now able to “sense” when you are entering credit card details into a form and will prompt you with the option to “Scan A Card”. This enable you to take a photo of the credit card into Safari, taking all the relevant details from it such as the name and card number from it without you having to type them all in.

Figure Out the Apps Using the Most Battery Power

Another truly indispensable feature found in the iOS 8 is the new improved Battery Usage panel. From there you can see a list of all the apps that use the most battery power. You can use this information to better manage and control how quickly your battery life lasts each charge.


Salvage Deleted Photographs

If you are like most people, you will hate it when you delete a picture and then realise you should have kept it when it is too late. There is now a great feature found in the iOS 8 and iPhone 6 that enables you to salvage photographs you had previously deleted. Whenever you delete a video or photo using the Photos app, they appear in the “Recently Deleted” album. From that album, you can view the items you have recently deleted and check how many days you have to decide what to do with them before they are deleted permanently. You have the option to either recover or permanently delete one item or all the videos and pictures stored there.

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How To SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Whether you are planning a holiday or business trip abroad and want to use a local SIM card in your phone or want to change the mobile service provider but keep your Samsung Galaxy S5. If it has not yet been unlocked, it will need to be before other SIM cards will work with it. In the following article, we will show you two very easy methods for achieving this – by contacting your service provider and by visiting a paid-for service website.

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy S5 through Your Mobile Service Provider

Step One

The first step you need to take when using this method is to contact your mobile network provider and ask them for the unlock code for your phone. Although in many cases this involves a straightforward phone call to them, some providers are not keen on giving customers the unlock code unless their contract is up or they have been with that particular company for a specific length of time. If they do not want to give you the unlock code and you need to unlock your phone urgently; you should jump down the page to the other method.

Many carriers are more willing to unlock your phone if you explain your reason for needing it done are that you are going to be travelling abroad and want to make use of local mobile services while you are there.

Step Two

Replace the current SIM card in your phone with one that would not work with your mobile phone in normal circumstances; one from another mobile network provider.

Step Three

Start your Galaxy S5 up as normal and then you will be prompted to enter the unlock code.

Step Four

Enter the unlock code that was given to you by your service provider and if your phone begins to operate normally and receives a mobile signal from your new SIM card provider; the unlock code has been successful.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy S5 through A Paid-For Service Website

Step One

Before you can continue with this method, you need to find out your mobile phone’s IMEI number. You can do this by typing #06# on the keypad. This will bring up a screen displaying the number. Make a note of it, as you will need to use it later.

Step Two

You need to find a reputable paid-for unlock service. There is a wide variety of different websites offering this type of service for a small fee. Therefore, you need to be a bit savvy and check reviews and previous customer’s experience using particular websites to avoid scams.

Step Three

Once you have chosen the unlocking service you want to use and followed the directions and entered your IMEI number, you will have to wait for the unlock code to arrive. This can take as little as a couple of hours or as much as a few days, depending on the website you chose. The unlock code is normally given to you in a voice call, text message or email.

Step Four

As with the previous method, once you have the unlock code you can insert a new SIM card into your phone and power it up as normal. Enter the unlock code when you are asked to and if all is working well, you should start to receive a signal and services from your new mobile network provider.

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Surprising Things You May Not Have Realised Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Can Do

Nowadays, with all their features and functions, smartphones can make you feel like a secret agent. However, unless you know everything there is to know about your Samsung Galaxy S5, it may still surprise you from time to time. In the following article, we look at just a few of the great things you may not have known you could do with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 unboxing

Ultra Power Saving Mode

We have all been there when you only have around 10% of your mobile phone’s battery charge left and you hope it lasts for another couple of hours, knowing it probably will not. With the Galaxy S5 and Ultra Power Saving Mode, there is a solution to this problem. By selecting this mode the handset turn off all non-essential apps and functions enabling you to just browse the web, receive and send text messages and voice calls and gives you a full 24 hours of use that you wouldn’t have had without it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Private Mode

If you are like us, you hate that moment when your friend asks to have a look at your phone. Although they probably just want to see the snaps you took from that night out or check what songs are on your playlist, if you have stuff on there that you’d rather they didn’t see it can be quite nerve wracking. Enter the Private Mode feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which enables you to lock away sensitive files, photos, and other things from prying eyes.

Use Anything as a Stylus with Enhanced Sensitivity

Although smartphones nowadays are easy to use with your fingers, it can be nice when your digits are grubby or too cold to use a stylus instead. However, you may not want to fork out the money for one. This is when the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes to the rescue with the Enhanced Sensitivity setting which means you can use just about anything as a stylus, from a potato to a key to another phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 black

Pay For Goods with the Fingerprint Scanner

One of the defining features of the iPhone 6 is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner that enables you to unlock the phone without entering a passcode and buy things just using your phone. The iPhone does not own the monopoly on this technology though, as the Galaxy S5 also has a built in fingerprint scanner. This allows you to jump directly onto the home screen without drawing the pattern and used to pay for things in stores that accept PayPal.

Run More Than One App with Multi Window Mode

For a long time now, smartphones have been very good at getting one task at a time done. The annoying thing is when you have to flick between two different apps or features, such as text messaging and the YouTube app. The Galaxy S5 makes running multiple apps simultaneously a little bit easier by allowing you to keep track of both on the screen at the same time.

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Best Smartphones In 2015

You might have expected that repair services will be closed down with the advent of smart phones, because – how can it be that such a perfection of technology ever breaks down, but anything is possible. For those who use a phone as a part of their business equipment, having the “last word of technology” is a must and no surprise. Posers may or may not have to wait, but business people must be informed on time and find out which smartphones will make  their life easier in 2015.

Mi Note

Mi Note

Chinese Mi Note is the newest fighter of Xiaomi, and when you see it – Samsung and Apple will look like this phone’s sisters . Regarding performance: 5.7-inch IPS, 1080p resolution, 3 GB RAM, battery capacity of  3000 mAh, and the camera of 13 million pixels.

Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90

Lenovo offers its fans a new model P90, which is the first smartphone with a 64-bit Intel Atom  processor and Intel receiver Xmm 7260 LTE-Advanced, which is responsible for data transmission (music, games, videos) at high speed. Its advantages are beautiful photos and really good battery.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7

For all Android fans out there, Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone is on the shelves. It posseses a 5.5-inch screen and it satisfies all of those who have complained that Samsung will never be Apple. It is is one of the thinnest Samsung mobile phones and that’s why it is used by many people all over the world.

LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2

One of the first phones introduced at the beginning of the year is the LG G Flex 2, which is the successor to the old model G Flex. This Android has a curved screen and is specially reinforced with plastic, in case you’re a little clumsy -everything could be corrected.

BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry came on the mobile phone market  many years ago when they created a phone with “physical keyboard” – a product accepted by the entire business world. This company wants to go back to the BlackBerry smartphone Classic  and this will be the return to its roots.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A7

123 grams heavy Galaxy A5 comes with a 5-inch (12.7 cm) Super AMOLED screen, Bluetooth 4.0, digital camera resolution of 13 million pixels, front facing camera with 5 megapixels and autofocus 4-core. In the Selfie era, it seemed appropriate to people from Samsung that the phone shouldn’t possess too many filters,  therefore it is not recommended for people who want to be “in charge” on Instagram.

YotaPhone 2

YotaPhone 2

The Russian company Yota Devices pleasantly surprised the saturated market of smartphones in 2013 with YotaPhone model . Smartphone with two front screens was promoted in 2015 and  YotaPhone 2 originated . It has more onward “touchscreen e-ink” and 5-inch screen with AMOLED technology.

Microsoft Lumia 1030

Microsoft Lumia 1030

This device should define the future of Microsoft’s smartphones. It is expected that the Lumia 1030 will have 5.5-inch QHD panel, Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3GB of RAM and a new PureView camera of 50 megapixels.

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4

Z4 should own a 5.4-inch QHD display 1080p, 810 Snapdragon processor and camera of 21 megapixels.

Apps and Software

Best Applications For Smartphones In 2015

We all know there are loads of smartphone applications disposable on every store. In order to help you decide which ones to use, we single out the latest and the best ones in 2015 for you:



Using Citymaps, you can make register of  places you like the most and develop your own maps out of them. E.g. , you can make a walk through a city, pointing out your  most-liked historical places on a map. This application can unrip places you may fancy found on your previous interests, community information and from other people’s references.

The newest thing with the last update, other than being available on Android, are collaborative maps, which enable you to make and share collections with other people.



Alt-C  allows you to copy text and links backward and forward between your smartphone and your PC. It’s a snap to use:  install the desktop and Android applications and connect  the devices using the code that should be displayed on the screen of your device. It’s not necessary to make an account. If you want to copy a text between devices just mark and press  – alt+c . The copied material is then shown in the applications list on your smartphone.



Lumific is an image management application that was released on the Google Play Store. It is still available only for Android, and it is is merged with Dropbox and the Snapfish image printing service.

If Lumific detects copies or resembling images, it marks the best with a numbered badge. Pressing the badge shows all of the copies. This application  classifies duplicates and allows  you to quest toward to various criteria. Lumific is able to produce  GIFs out of resembling iamges, marked by a small icon on the thumbnail.



ScreenPop sends photo-based messages directly to a receiver’s lock screen, allowing them to see images and not having to unlock their smartphone. This is helpful for people who recieve bunch of messages. Even though the photo deprives most of the screen, the top bar is apparent and you will be able see significant data e.g. push notification icons, network and  status of the battery.

ScreenPop doesn’t track application usage for potentially humiliating materials, so it depends on the user’s discretion to check out photos privately if something is propitious to be not safe for work.



If This, Then That (also known as  IFTTT) is an  algorithm that joints  two or more Internet utensils. IFTTT sustains mergers to many favourite devices from Fitbit, HP printers to Hue lightbulbs and Smappee home energy monitor.

The company also introduced Do, a new escort of applications that clarify recipe  arrangements. The Do applications – Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note – allow you to drag and drop utensils you want to join and to adapt recipes.



This is the talk therapy application that allows you to seek advice from a  licensed psychotherapist via SMS. There’ s also a Couples Therapy option for helping partners and married people sort out their problems from afar. Using Couples Therapy, couples are able to access a chat room with a psychotherapist and they don’t have to turn up at a clinic with each other or to share the same room physically. Maybe that itself could be helpful.


line app

Line  allows companies and brands to link with devotees, clients and consumers — it’ s similar to a branded Facebook page in a format of instant messaging .

The application is free and allows you to send a pile of messages to followers, chat with people, and share content on their timeline and home pages. You can also see statistics such as block rates and responses to contents on Timeline.



iAnnotate enables you to read, note and share PDF documents. The app has been simplified for easier managing.You are able to mark documents annotations using the iAnnotate pen, shapes, typewriter,  highlighter, underline and strikeout tools. Any commentaries made in the application are merged into the PDF and can belooked or redact with Adobe Acrobat or OS X Preview.

HERE for Android

HERE for Android

The latest version of HERE eliminates  the Beta tag and introduces a lot of new upturns. There are 3D venue maps for spots such as shopping centres and airports. You turn them around to point out where you entered or switch inter floors.

There is upgraded routing, with  the fastest courses for all three traveling ways and you are able to look for alternate routes.


Best New And Updated Android Apps Released In February 2015

Every year there is  new and updated apps released for Android devices.  February this year, was no exception and in the following article we are going to look at some of the highlights of the February releases.   We hope you feel that we have covered a wide scope of app types from map based trickery to photo management and PDF editing.  While not all of these will be appropriate for everyone reading, we are sure we have gathered together a list that includes at least one app that will be of interest to our readers.



Citymaps is a social map platform that was originally only available for iOS devices, but has now become available for Android devices.  It enable you to create a list of your favourite places and build personal maps that include those places.  You can use the app to design a city walk with your friends, that pinpoints for example, your favourite historical sites on the map.



Lumific is a handy, mobile picture management app which has been popular in its beta form until now, when it has been released as a full version app in the Google Play Store.  It is only available to Android users and has been designed to integrate with both the Snapfish printing service and Dropbox.

Lumific can search out and find duplicate or very similar photographs.  Once it has done this, it gives a numbered badge to the one that would be the most shareable version of that image.  By tapping on the numbered badge, you can then view the similar and duplicate images.  The app also classifies all duplicates and similar pictures, which enables you to search for the best image based on a specific criteria.



ScreenPop is a fun app that enables you to send images to another person’s phone that will be viewable and visible on their lock screen.  This means that they do not have to unlock their phone to see the image you have sent them.  Be aware though when using this app that there is no other way for the recipient ‘s app to monitor the content of images sent.  So let them know in advance and ask your friends and relatives to do the same, if they are going to send an image that could be classified as NSFW/H.



With iAnnotate, you can use your Android device to read, make notes on and share PDF documents.  This useful and well conceived app has been updated now to have a better user interface.  This makes using the app much easier and far more enjoyable.  There is also updates that mean you can mark up your files before sharing them using a wider selection of tools including strikeouts, pop-up notes, shapes, typewriter, highlighter and the ordinary pen.
Any annotations made using iAnnotate are integrated fully into that particular PDF files and can be viewed and further edited even using external readers such as OS X Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

Another significant update to this app, is the price.  Whereas in the past it cost $9.99, it is now available  completely free.

Apps and Software

Main Differences Between Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

If you are pondering which one to choose for your PC,  Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, there are several things you should take into account .

We can’t tell you which is the best for you, but we can parse the most important characteristics in order to help you decide which is the most suitable option for you.


Computers using Windows 8 programs need just 10 to 15 seconds to boot up, some of them turn on even faster. You don’ t have to go and make coffee to divert yourself anymore, while your system boots up . Windows 8.1 has a hybrid boot mode that enables your PC to switch on much faster. The core allows it to hibernate, it doesn’t shut down entirely  and usage of kernels enables a swift start. Windows 8  wins in this case–  The quicker the computer boots up, the more spare time you have to spend on doing something else.

Windows 8.1 possesses more enterprise  characteristics in comparison to Windows 7. Windows to Go on the Enterprise edition allowes you to start an individualized version of Windows from a USB or any other device using Windows 7 or 8. In addition, the Windows Store is enabled by default, so  users can access applications via multiple devices.

Windows 8.1 has better backup for managing mobile gadgets, it also has tap-to-print backup through NFC and boosted biometrics,  it’s malware resistant and encoding is included too.

Still, Information technology departments all over the world ignored Windows 8.1  and favoured Windows 7.  Actually, HP reccomended IT Pro Windows 7 as the most  wanted option for corporation which are upgrading from XP.

Windows 7

Company buyers appreciate reliability over any other thing  and what Windows 7 does have is: time, familiarity, comprehensive examination and complete peripheral congruence in its favour.

People who upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 also encountered problems, they complained that the update has broken trivial stuff such as printing ability.

While Windows 8 has more enterprise characteristics as a default, Windows 7 has the advantage of being tried out and examined. On the other hand, additional  improvements for 8.1 have corrected many of the significant difficulties characteristic to previous repetitions of the OS.

Microsoft used Windows 8 as a pretext under which they restated the engine and it resulted with much faster system that uses less resources than earlier. It is a better choice than Windows 7 for cheaper computers.

Redesign decisions for common colors and less visual effects also contribute to increasing speed because of resources stored in relation to the effect of Aero Glass of Windows 7.

Generally, Windows 8.1 is preferable for daily utilization than Windows 7 and  comprehensive examination exposed upturns such as PCMark Vantage and Sunspider. The distinctions are minimal, though.

The front-facing user interface that distinguishes Windows 8 was an enormous part of a discussion since it was disclosed, and with several causes. Some consider the  thorough redesign has always seemed like two operating systems meshed together, and it became the most disserted part of Windows’ newest operating system.

When turning on the computer, users are welcomed with Start screen i.e. a page of applications and Tablet-style (Metro) icons. This Metro interface covers everything that is in the form of applications, including the classic desktop look that proved to be the preferable view for most. Additionally, apps like IE 11 are superb for touch screen for browsing the web.

Even the desktop appears to be somewhat different on Windows 8, regardless of the fact that Windows 8.1 did feature the hoped-for comeback of the start button. However,  this doesn’t come with the comeback of the Start menu ( confirmed for Windows 9 in 2015), instead it simply switches users between screens.

Windows 8.1

Saying that the refined interface had a polarising influence is a trivialization, and there are a lot of people who complained about Metro. One of their arguments was that an interface made for touch isn’t logical  on a desktop computer.

Windows 8.1 somewhat fixed the problem and users can now choose between Metro and desktop. Set up the OS, and you can get similar experience.

There are true UI upturns with 8.1. You are able to build on Start bars to double monitors with  individual wallpapers on each one. There is a qiuck universal search on the Start screen, which you can use to search local files, OneDrive files, applications, settings and the Internet. You can also browse OneDrive files via File Explorer.
The classic desktop stays preffered for a reason and wins this argument. Windows 8  attempts to do overmuch too fast and even though the 8.1 upgrade enables you to boot straight to desktop, Metro still possesses an unpleasant practice of popping up when it’s not wanted.

Security is a great matter in question for both separate users and companies and, being the most prefferable desktop OS, Windows is unfortunately the main target for malware and viruses.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 have many identiacl security characteristics, both use BitLocker Drive encoding, but 8.1 enables them by default. You are able to download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, for free, but Windows 8.1 has one built into the system.

Secure booting on UEFI systems is  incorporated with 8.1, hence it is more difficult for malware to contaminate the bootloader. PCs using Windows 8.1 are able to automatically connect to VPNs.

It’s a fact that the latest version of Windows  has more security features set as default.

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Most Popular Games For PS4

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Simply put, Grand Theft Auto V is an English creation that says a lot about America. While GTA 4 was the classic story about immigrants in New York City, GTA 5 takes place on the other side of Los Angeles, the city teeming with fascinating surfaces and its industry of image and light!

Grand Theft Auto V PS4

In GTA 5 there are three heroes you can manage and their stories overlap. One of the things corrected is that now the whole map is available immediately for players to explore, while in the previous parts you had to open it piece by piece as you pass the missions!


The player is gradually and elegantly brought  into action which improves the overall impression. The missions are varied,  mechanisms are more robust and even irrelevant details, such as the practice of yoga, are adequately integrated into the story. But in spite of all the effort spent on GTA 5 story, the best enjoyment is to get away from the story. The textures and sounds of the world around California are incredibly precise and create an ideal place for racing, flying and destroying everything in sight.

The core of GTA is rivalry between reason and savagery. Radio in the game conveys a realistic picture of the media, from reporting news to excellent choice of music. GTA has written its own rules and defined the entire genre of games, which is additionally confirmed with the title.

Assassin’s Creed IV BLACK FLAG

Assassin's Creed IV BLACK FLAG

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag puts you in the role of a notorious pirate, the fear of the Caribbean – Edward Kenway. In addition to being an inveterate pirate and captain of the ship, he also has an interesting hobby – exterminating the Templars. Edward Kenway was originally a British Corsaire, an officer of  trust who plundered ships, not for himself , but for the crown and shared the loot with his superiors. How is that he became an assassin is yet to be seen, but it should be noted that he was actually the father of Haytham Kenway (from the  AC III ), Conor’s grandfather. Rebellious by nature, he will disobey The UK and join thousands of pirates who ravaged the Caribbean Sea. The game happens in the golden era of pirates and you will meet some historical figures such as Edward Teach known as “Blackbeard”.

Assassin's Creed 4

The game play is divided into the present and the fight against the Templar heirs- Abstergo Corporation, and the past in which you take the role of captain of the above. Officially the sixth game in the series, Black Flag brings us an open world with 50 unique locations in which you operate and explore. The main centers of the game are the cities of Havana, Kingston and Nassau but locations are generally large and diverse as The Caribbean are divided  into the British and the Spanish territory, and there is also a good part of that controlled by pirates (such as the port of Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean). Research and progress through the game is divided into land and sea, they’re divided in a ratio of about 60% to 40%. As you explore the new site, you will run into a nice built shopping centers, the colonial fortifications, remote villages, caves and endless tropical jungles. Robbery is one of the main sources of money but, because you are a sailor, the prey are also captured ships, so you can recruit a crew for your second boat and  gradually strengthen your influence and strength. Recruitment is done in a similar way as seen in the AC Brotherhood but you will not be able to send your cadets on assignments around the world and not even to call them to come to aid in land battles because it would, according to Ubisoft, make the game much easier and eliminate any challenge in it. Your recruits will exclusively serve on your ship, The Jackdaw (and others that you capture),  which can be upgraded with new cannons, better sails, better wood for the deck and so on.

Assassin's Creed IV

Gameplay concerning Edward himself is quite improved. Since the game is placed in 1715,  muzzle loaders and other gunpowder weapons are still present but especially good news is the return of hidden hand blades as those of Ezio and Altaïr. Unlike them, Edward will have ( in addition to swords and two hidden blades) up to 4 guns which can shoot 4 opponents  in a few seconds which is very nice compensation for the impossibility of recruiting young assassins who could help you in battle. Also, underwater sites such as wrecks of sunken ships are loaded with gold and rare weapon that is mor fatal than those randomly acquired in a forge. Multiplayer mode returns more detailed and better , but with one fierce miss. The naval battles are no more in multiplayer.

AC IV Black Flag allows very precise third party shooting from firearm (seen in AC III), but this time you can do it while you run i.e. chase your target. If you are not a fan of this kind of games, you should get one, if nothing else, then for the great pirate theme.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The premise of the game is that the global terrorist network attacked and destroyed a multitude of nuclear reactors. In the sea of ​​chaos, national army is incapable to respond to a new kind of threat. In such situation,  various private armies or private military corporations jump in , they fill the security vacuum and meet their needs and goals. Of course, the main protagonist is you in the role of certain generic private- Jack Mitchell, gifted above average and technologically improved. Jack lost his arm in a battle, and now works for the Atlas Corporation, i.e for its Executive Director- Jonathan Irons, played by Kevin Spacey. He was dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of the United States and its inability to protect peace and democracy in the world, and therefore begins to use resources of their corporation to make the world a better place. The whole theme delves deeper into the issue of the dissolution of national states and their effectiveness, especially from the military aspect, in the modern era of domination of mega-corporations.

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was developed in Sledgehammer’s engine  instead of the IW engine that was used for the previous Call of Duty.

Call of Duty PS4

Shooting has not suffered any revolutionary changes, such as improving the recoil or ballistic performance, and considering that we have a laser and energy weapons, there was no point making a particular change to the current physical model.  New weapons introduced  : jump-packs and similar gadgets that can reload themselves ,  different types of shells (you can choose which effect they will have) ,  exoskeletons that can perform different stunts and perform movements that ordinary soldier simply can not, and so forth. However, the biggest change comes out of need to use exoskeletons, or “exosuits” , in a right way. Those who played Crysis, well remember the way the local exoskeleton dramatically changed the experience of playing, depending on whether you used it in stealth mode, stronger armor, greater mobility and similar. Same applies here.

The maps are made and designed simply to invoke the use of advanced features.  Zombies? There are zombies, but with a Season Pass. If you can not meet them (and you’ll have to buy them, if you want them), the game already has a built in cooperative mode based on the waves of enemy attacks (swarm waves)- the so called Exo Survival, but we suspect that it will not reach the popularity of zombies.



FIFA 15 is the most complete football game so far and it offers many gaming modes that will keep you in front of the screen for months and months. You can be a player, a goalie, a manager, there is Offine and online multiplayer support for Ultimate Team, extra ground on which you can train … Not to mention that there are judges (full name), possibility of determining the layout of the net and tensions “attached” to the goal and so much more.

FIFA 15 PS4 game

Emotional intelligence – for the first time in the series, the players possess memory and show emotions depending on the context of the game. With more than 600 new emotional reactions, players react to key moments such as the bad slides, missed opportunities to score, bad teammates’ reactions, an extraordinary goals scored and similar.
Dynamic presentation – to be realistic as possible the atmosphere is  enhanced with improved commenting during the game, with unique reactions of fans in the stands, whose cheering varies from state to state.


Tactics – the opponent teams, depending on the results, apply different tactics during the match. For example, they can arrange all players within their own half of court and wait for the opportunity to counter-attack, or spend time on various meaningless passes.

Agility and control – the players on the field now possess more realistic agility of movement and ball control while adding, dribbling or shooting.