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London Businesses Benefit From Local SEO

When you run a local business in London, Ontario, you may wonder why you need an SEO campaign to get noticed and bring in new customers – don’t they drive past your sign or see your ad in the papers? The truth is, search engines like Google and Bing are the best advertisers you have, with almost everyone turning to them to find goods and services. Don’t despair if you’re not sure how you can compete when there are hundreds of similar businesses across the globe that do what you do in other cities – search engines have realized that people are looking for local results and reward SEO strategies that target specific regions. Here are some of the strategies that you should focus on when you turn to an SEO service in London, Ontario.

Citations – Google and other engines are the new Yellow Pages (even if the Yellow Pages are still around) and many people turn to search engines in order to find out what kind of businesses offering a particular product or service are in their area, where they’re located, and what their hours of operation are. One of the aspects of expert SEO services in London, Ontario is making sure your business’s information is widely available in a number of web directories that Google uses to find this information and display when your business turns up as a relevant result. It’s essential that your hours and contact information are up to date online, especially now that more and more searches are leading to click-to-calls from smartphones, as people go directly from a results page to calling the business, without even visiting the website.


Voice Search – Experts today point to the importance of designing long tail keywords that are more likely to be spoken than typed because of the major shift in mobile searches toward voice commands. It’s far easier to tell your phone to look for “deep dish pizza in London, Ontario” than to type it out and this allows you to look something up while you’re preoccupied (the three most common times people voice search are when they are watching television, socializing, and cooking). When you’re looking for an SEO guru, find a company like Digital Clicks Marketing in London that understands long tail keywords to improve your business’s local search results.

Mobile Optimization – With more and more searches being conducted on mobiles, Google’s algorithm has adjusted accordingly and now rewards sites that have been optimized for mobile. This means that they load quickly on a smartphone and layout is adjusted when viewing it on a mobile for easier navigation. There are plenty more advantages to getting a mobile optimized site: smartphone users are more likely to be looking for local results and they are more likely to lead to actions (i.e. purchases or booking an appointment).

When you need an SEO company London has many to offer, including locals Digital Clicks Marketing, capable of providing end-to-end strategies including web design, mobile optimization, SEO, SEM, and PPC. The only way to get noticed online today is to come up with a comprehensive plan that targets all facets of digital marketing, concentrating on local searches and optimizing your website. It’s never been more urgent to get your brand noticed online – it’s sink or swim when it comes to SERPs, so make sure you work with the right people.

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