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K3OPS to launch the First Charge Free Smartphone and stick’N Charge

Many companies have tried to harvest electromagnetic fields, but they also failed, as the output of such devices were too low to permanently power devices. This has changed with the release of the company’s products. After three years of development and an additional year of testing, K3OPS is ready to release their technology that the press consider as a game changer. The company was very quiet but today they overcome the challenge of a stable RF/DC conversion.

All we know is that they are the only one using an hybrid and unique system that separates datas transmission ‘the numeric’ and the source that is of course analog.

Xin Wei co founder of the company commented recently to the press, “We have been approached by several brands. It was a question of finding the right partnership for a long term commitment. By definition, a smartphone needs to be “smart” and it has been some time since the mobile phone market has made ground breaking advancements in battery technology. Cell phones are increasing in size. They have become as fast and powerful as personal computers. However, there have been little change in features. Nicer cameras, enhanced screens, vivid colors, more memory and added applications are now offered, but the customer is demanding more and rightfully so. Since the 2007 Apple revolution, companies have not advanced smartphone battery technology to the extent the customer requires.”

But here comes another plug. The company is not interested in turning all this into making as much profits as possible – no, the company will actually sell such products at extremely low prices, as the development stage enables the company to produce the products at a low price, consumers won’t pay more than 10 Euros for such a battery, for example. Now do the math and check how much money you spend on regular batteries? Did we mention that these devices last “forever”? No maintenance, no replacement parts required.

Zhen ZHANG engenior at K3OPS proudly concluded :”It is time for a brand to introduce a game changer and K3OPS has done that with the first charge free Smartphone. The first phone that uses an ecological technology to run, the first brand that comes with an answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues and ultimately the first brand to offer an endless supply of green energy that is free, meaning no cost at all.”

Here we come with the question will they choose Samsung ? All we can state is that those guys started a revolution.

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