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Gadgets for Women

Women are known to be faithful followers of fashion trends and the key to their growing interest for technology could be lying right there. They are eager to follow everything that is modern and contemporary . In accordance with this fact women are trying to adjust their  lifestyle to Technological innovations, to escort a viral trend or possess the latest modern gadget.

These are some of our suggestions:

1. Eco mouse

Yes, the first biodegradable computer mouse in the world, “Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO” does not contain plastic, but is made from renewable materials and can be 100 percent recyclable.

Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO

If it is important to highlight your environmental awareness – this is a a nice gadget that , at the same time, will not cost more than a traditional mouse.

This unit is evidence that “green” products do not necessarily entail compromise on quality, features or performance. Eco-model looks like a standard mouse and features all the modern functionalists such as “scroll” -wheel or high precision, thanks to the optical sensor of 1000 dots per inch. It is even more comfortable to use than the plastic model , as its “shell” is more elastic than other renewable materials.

2. No matter how useful,  USBs are often lost, especially in crowded women’s bags. If you are tired of  looking for your USB memory among all the lipsticks, handkerchiefs, paper and other trifles , then bring it on your hand. Not in your hand but on it! Ming Wu has designed a ring that is actually USB. Minimalist square-shaped ring is available in gold, silver and copper color with a hidden miniature USB. In addition you get a chic accessory, all data and photos that are saved will be on display and you will not risk having them lost.

Ming Wu USB ring

3. If you’re the kind of person who runs out of battery in no time, then you will surely be interested in bags that are used for battery charging. Yes, you read it right, Mighty purse is made of genuine leather and comes in several different colors.  There is LED and battery cable within it , that can connect and charge the phone. Of course, purses must be charged. They are suitable for tablets, Android and iOS phones.

mighty purse batteries

4. Hardworking housewives and  technology devotees will be delighted with the innovation presented at IFA trade fair in Berlin. It is a new generation of refrigerators presented by LG, which have an internet connection and send a picture of the interior to the owner of the phone . With this stylish gadget you will have the insight in the amount of food in your refrigerator during shopping and you would be able to find out what you may need to acquire. An application that informs you about the situation in the fridge allows you to check the expiry dates and plan what you are going to cook, based on the ingredients you have. Within the application you can find recipes and meal plan by age and weight.

The Internet Refrigerator LG

5.  Women In Korea no longer have to worry about having their makeup “grow stale”. They can buy a small refrigerator for makeup and other cosmetics!

Fridge is about 10 inches tall, deep enough and wide enough to hold a few products that don’t consist chemical preservatives and whose shelf life is shorter than other lipsticks, creams etc. Holding of such products in the bathroom leads to more rapid growth of bacteria, due to elevated temperatures and humidity during bathing.

make up fridge korea

The Makeup Fridge not only cools, but also has a UV light that neutralizes bacteria.

If you need this gadget you can buy it online for 136 euros.

If you haven’t already, we suggest you to join the fans of technology and make the most of the advantages that modern technology brings.

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