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Choosing The Best Printer

You would like to buy a new printer, but you don’t know which one? In this article we will help you select the best brands of printers that are reliable, fast and affordable.


Canon PIXMA MX395
Pixma MX395 provides the ability to print documents and photos. It has two paper trays that enable quick and easy printing  because 250 sheets fit in one tray. The speed of this incredible machine is increased compared to previous Canon releases, it can print color images in ten minutes and 15 black-and-white documents.

Pixma MX455 printer is compact, multifunctional device which possesses a special, elegant style. It has an integrated mechanism for automatic document feeding of 30 pages and Wi-Fi function. It is  very practical and easy to handle.It works with the help of Fine XL cartridges, which are efficient and long lasting. That is why you will change them less frequently. Printing can be performed by using a tablet computer or a smart phone. Speed: 9.7 ipm (mono) and 5.5 images in color.

Canon cartridge inkjet printer Pixma MX525 is similar to the previously described. However, they added some special features that only prove better quality and more advanced technology at Canon company. It is recommended for offices that monitor trends and want to adapt to new products. The printer has a color screen of 6.2 inches and features double-sided printing, which will facilitate and speed up the job. Of course, Wi-Fi / Ethernet function is indispensable in such machine via which they can be linked with various phones and tablet computers. Speed ​​is the same as for the Pixma MX455.

Pixma MX925 is the most productive and best printer we will mention. It works with the help of XXL cartridges with five separate inks. These cartridges are economical and allow you to replace worn ink. Ideal for frequent printing at home or in the office. The quality of color images is exceptional, and the photos are beautiful. TFT color screen measuring 7.5 cm facilitate printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Duplex printing is faster than with the previous printer, the capacity is 35 pages. Pixma MX925 can print directly from discs.

We hope we have helped you in choosing a printer for home use or if you want to renew your office with sleek and stylish piece.

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