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Best Free Android Apps

If you’ve just gandroid freeotten a new Android phone and you were wondering what useful applications should you install, then we are here to help. Every day thousands of new applications arrive on the Android market – from those you use for fun, to those for getting information and personalizing your devices, even those much needed for setting the phone to operate effectively. We have singled out some applications that will refresh your Android device and will be extremely useful.

1. Android Device Manager

No matter how responsible you are to your mobile device you can always lose your phone or become a victim of theft. To avoid any inconvenience of the event, and also theft of personal data, Android Device Manager is an application that will help you locate a lost device. Lock it to protect or delete all that what is in it and thus incapacitate it in front of curious eyes.

2. Retrica

Application designed for fans of retro and Selfie photos. Interface is quite similar to Instagram, and the difference is in the filters. 80 vintage filters are available, 25 of which aren’t free. Retrica logo will be automatically inserted to each photo you edit, which can be switched off in the settings. Photos processed with this app look old fashioned and very nice.

3. Coolify

If you got carried away by playing games, correspondence or reading on your phone, you must have noticed the overheating of the battery.  As every electrical device,  your phone also needs cooling in order to optimize the radio and Coolify app helps you with that.

4. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is an application designed for sport fans, to assist the maintenance of body shape and monitor physical activity.


The application has the ability to sketch the path traveled, which is then displayed on the map and shared with your friends .

You can also follow the rhythm of your heart , combustion of calories and making exercises with intervals. This app supports a large number of sports while, with the paid version, you can even follow the directions and advice of a virtual trainer.

6. CM Mobile Security

CM Mobile Security is an antivirus program that is constantly on top of the list of the most popular antivirus programs. This application uses less RAM and enables continuous protection. In addition, you can block unwanted calls and messages and remove unnecessary data from the memory and tables and safely surf the Internet.

7. Parking Maniac

If you’ve ever driven a car it surely happened to you (or your close ones) that you got a ticket for parking because you did’t pay the zone. Parking Maniac is a very useful application which has the possibility of paying zones for almost all the cities in your country. Define your registration first and then just click on the ticket you want to pay for. You will not have to remember to send SMS anymore.

8. Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook profile, and this requires no further explanation. Download it and enjoy it with your Android phone!

9. Deezer



With access to a large and diverse catalog with more than 30 million songs, our old friend Deezer offers smart search, integrated mini-player and ergonomic design.

10. Kindle

Amazon is the king of the market of e-readers and e-books and its application is a must in this review. Kindle offers access to Amazon’s vast collection of e-books, synchronization between devices, and advanced tagging content. You can even send your own e-books, documents and articles.

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