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Best Applications For Smartphones In 2015

We all know there are loads of smartphone applications disposable on every store. In order to help you decide which ones to use, we single out the latest and the best ones in 2015 for you:



Using Citymaps, you can make register of  places you like the most and develop your own maps out of them. E.g. , you can make a walk through a city, pointing out your  most-liked historical places on a map. This application can unrip places you may fancy found on your previous interests, community information and from other people’s references.

The newest thing with the last update, other than being available on Android, are collaborative maps, which enable you to make and share collections with other people.



Alt-C  allows you to copy text and links backward and forward between your smartphone and your PC. It’s a snap to use:  install the desktop and Android applications and connect  the devices using the code that should be displayed on the screen of your device. It’s not necessary to make an account. If you want to copy a text between devices just mark and press  – alt+c . The copied material is then shown in the applications list on your smartphone.



Lumific is an image management application that was released on the Google Play Store. It is still available only for Android, and it is is merged with Dropbox and the Snapfish image printing service.

If Lumific detects copies or resembling images, it marks the best with a numbered badge. Pressing the badge shows all of the copies. This application  classifies duplicates and allows  you to quest toward to various criteria. Lumific is able to produce  GIFs out of resembling iamges, marked by a small icon on the thumbnail.



ScreenPop sends photo-based messages directly to a receiver’s lock screen, allowing them to see images and not having to unlock their smartphone. This is helpful for people who recieve bunch of messages. Even though the photo deprives most of the screen, the top bar is apparent and you will be able see significant data e.g. push notification icons, network and  status of the battery.

ScreenPop doesn’t track application usage for potentially humiliating materials, so it depends on the user’s discretion to check out photos privately if something is propitious to be not safe for work.



If This, Then That (also known as  IFTTT) is an  algorithm that joints  two or more Internet utensils. IFTTT sustains mergers to many favourite devices from Fitbit, HP printers to Hue lightbulbs and Smappee home energy monitor.

The company also introduced Do, a new escort of applications that clarify recipe  arrangements. The Do applications – Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note – allow you to drag and drop utensils you want to join and to adapt recipes.



This is the talk therapy application that allows you to seek advice from a  licensed psychotherapist via SMS. There’ s also a Couples Therapy option for helping partners and married people sort out their problems from afar. Using Couples Therapy, couples are able to access a chat room with a psychotherapist and they don’t have to turn up at a clinic with each other or to share the same room physically. Maybe that itself could be helpful.


line app

Line  allows companies and brands to link with devotees, clients and consumers — it’ s similar to a branded Facebook page in a format of instant messaging .

The application is free and allows you to send a pile of messages to followers, chat with people, and share content on their timeline and home pages. You can also see statistics such as block rates and responses to contents on Timeline.



iAnnotate enables you to read, note and share PDF documents. The app has been simplified for easier managing.You are able to mark documents annotations using the iAnnotate pen, shapes, typewriter,  highlighter, underline and strikeout tools. Any commentaries made in the application are merged into the PDF and can belooked or redact with Adobe Acrobat or OS X Preview.

HERE for Android

HERE for Android

The latest version of HERE eliminates  the Beta tag and introduces a lot of new upturns. There are 3D venue maps for spots such as shopping centres and airports. You turn them around to point out where you entered or switch inter floors.

There is upgraded routing, with  the fastest courses for all three traveling ways and you are able to look for alternate routes.

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