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How Beacon Technology Is Innovating The Construction Industry

For the past few years, more and more people are getting interested in beacon technology, and companies start to explore how this can help in reaching their business objectives with ease. Despite that, there are still a lot of businesses that aren’t aware of the full potential they can enjoy from beacon technology.


Then, there are those who are in search of the most practical uses of beacons. Beacon technology is targeted primarily to those who belong to the consumer and retail industry; and once these entrepreneurs discover how beneficial beacon technology can be in their business, there’s no doubt that they’ll continue using it in the future.



That said, here are some ways on how beacon technology is affecting the construction industry.

1. Easy to Setup

Unlike other mapping solutions out there, what makes beacon technology remarkable is the fact that not only are they more cost-effective, they’re also easier to set up. To support that, there are plenty of beacon manufacturers that offer a pack of 3 heavy-duty beacons for only $99, with seven years of battery life on each beacon, together with sensors of temperature, motion, light, and magnetic.


These easy to use devices can be embedded into existing traffic safety cones and other devices to help emerging technologies improve construction site safety. Beacons will play an important part as technology continues to be integrated into work sites in the future.

2. Highly Relevant

Because there’s a lot to keep track on a construction site, managers and inspections can easily get distracted and overwhelmed. This makes the job more complicated than it already is. However, with the use of beacons, together with cloud data storage, everything becomes a little simpler.


For example, with the utilization of a robust platform, together with job site telemetry, progress photos, and tracking, the inspectors would be able to review the construction site efficiently, and promptly.


Once combined with virtual reality, become more useful than they already are– within infinite capabilities construction sites can benefit from.

3. Unrivaled Reliability Even Indoors

One of the biggest problems faced by team managers is that a lot of construction projects operate beyond the reach of GPS– this can be underground, within the building, or even underwater. Fortunately, with beacon technology, this wouldn’t be an issue at all, as it’s specially made for indoor use.


You can enjoy better accuracy even if you’re a few centimeters away! As a team manager, it’s your responsibility to keep track of several things all at once, and accuracy is something that shouldn’t be ignored– beacons are there to help you.

4. Reusable

The good thing about beacons is that you can use them over and over again, making them a good form of investment. Wherein, during the initial installation of the fleet at a construction site, the applications would be able to access certain equipment through the use of Bluetooth transmitters, which are automatically activated based on the response.


With the use of beacon technology, you’ll be able to enjoy a time-tracking solution and utilize the data gathered to improve overall performance.

5. Continuous Growth

Despite its numerous advantage, we still can’t deny the fact that this kind of technology is still pretty young. For that reason, some companies are still skeptical about it, especially the large one. However, those who are willing to take the risk would realize that it’s worth investing on.


Once a construction firm starts accepting beacon technologies, they’ll be a step ahead against their competitors. It would allow them to attract more customers, because the Internet of Things has been gaining popularity as well.

6. Stay Secure At All Times

In the construction industry, security is critical– it’s one of the major concerns of team leaders. As privacy concerns continue to increase, the greater the need to protect not only the end-users but policymakers as well. The use of beacon technology is an excellent way to secure that valued information.


Overall, beacon technology can transform how the construction industry operates and access business intelligence. It can be placed almost anywhere, and you can conveniently move it from one site to another. That means the information needed will always be readily available, allowing the workplace to perform tasks and accomplish projects more efficiently.


What does this imply? If utilized correctly, beacons would be able to provide security for employees, and to those who are visiting the site. For instance, a beacon can be installed in a particular area where safety equipment is necessary. The beacon would then be sending safety notifications to the employees once they’re moved from one location to another.


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