Automation of Work to Gain Momentum in the Coming Years

With companies like Starbucks opening their doors to the idea of automating their work, it really can be seen that automation of work is going to gain momentum in the coming years.

“Job for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create income-maintenance systems so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food and medical care. I am talking about welfare for all. Without it, you are going to have warfare for all,” says Jerry Brown, an American politician and lawyer.

Jerry Brown and many others like him have had the notion that automation really signifies the end for humans when it comes to getting employed by a company.

The question that one is bound to ask is, “If automation spells doom for people, then how come Starbucks has been able to create additional employment avenues for people? Currently, Starbucks has introduced a new system which allows customers to interact with their staff in their drive-through. According to Starbucks, their use of an automated mobile app which allows customers to place their orders online and later pick them up without the need to join any queue has also gone a long way in helping them to gather very important details about their customers.

McKinsey Global Institute carried out a research into the future of work automation and its implication on human labour and it was found out that almost half of the activities being done by humans will in the next 30 to 35 years become tasks for robots. With such a finding, the idea of Starbucks deciding to make use of humans in order to ensure that their services are not fully robotic is very laudable.
Henry Siu, a professor at UBC once said, “Back 50 years ago, there used to be things called typing pools. We don’t have many office administrative support workers as we used to.” This shows that bit by bit, the idea of automating various activities will catch up with majority of people living in Canada and the world at large.

Aside from Starbucks, other companies like A&W and McDonald’s have also started with work automation. This line of action by these companies is presumed to help reduce clients interacting with staffs which bring about unnecessary delays and the forming of long queues. The whole rational behind Starbucks, McDonald’s and A&W going with automated apps is simply to ensure that people are able to access various services in a very effective and efficient manner. This is clearly what Thomas Frey meant when he said, “As we continue down the path of automation, virtually every city will have 24-hour convenience stores, 24-hour libraries, 24-hour banks, 24-hour churches, 24-hour schools, 24-hour movie theatres, 24-hour bars and restaurants, and even 24-hour shopping centres.”

“It is part of the Industrial Revolution” chipped in Leo Stocco, a biomedical engineer at UBC. One of the companies well been known to be adequately equipped when it comes to work automation and robotics is Pallpack.se.

Whilst automation of work may be viewed as a threat to human workforce, companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s appreciate its ability to help in maximizing revenue in an efficient way.

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