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Alternatives To Relying Your Own Website Design


There are a lot of nuances to website design that can take time to understand well enough to be able to create something that is visually appealing and provides information that is easy to understand- and relevant to what the corporation’s or company’s goals are.

As the person who is likely going to be the one who runs the project and accounts for the work being done in-house, it is fairly important for you to be somewhat service-agnostic, choosing only the requirements, results, and processes that seem to be best-suited to the task at hand.

Here are some additional options to consider when you first start thinking about using outside help on a web development project:

ROI is king: It may sound like a cliche, but ROI is really king for most project managers. The idea that anything you do to an existing website or set of services should add value in the form of monetary and quality benefit is not new, but it is certainly not a required piece of many projects because it takes some thought to develop a matrix that encompasses both what occurred before and what will occur after the project is finished in an objective fashion. By the same token, if you can show ROI after your project is completed, you will likely bask in the temporary glow of management approval.

Partner with the right people: Another important decision comes when you determine that it may be possible to take some or all of the website development outside your company. It is at this point that you want to develop a well-thought out plan that includes the a set of requirements that will help define the partner that you choose. Ultimately, you want someone flexible, talented, affordable, and somewhat ethical

in terms of character. In terms of capabilities, having a history of similar projects that have they have participated in or led successfully is usually a good start.

Custom web design: You will also want to think about the scope that you will develop internally and externally on your project. Are you going to keep design in-house- or do you plan to share requirements with a development team from your vendor?

One of the types of web design practice for external vendors that is proving to be quite popular right now is free custom site design. The idea is to work with a client and build them a web site that is somewhat custom and then make money by signing a long-term service agreement. For the client, this can work well because there is no up-front cost. For vendors, like that have developed a sophisticated approach to creating websites based using this strategy, it means more customers willing to take those first steps out of their own, internal design team towards an outside vendor.

Making a move towards augmenting what you do in-house with an outside vendor can be a large step. If you underpin your decision making with solid process decisions, it will normally end up being a win for everyone.

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