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about usEvery day, we put up a smart, intelligible, and  trustworthy filter for the enormous amount  of information concerning technology. Being a team of journalists and bloggers with love for presenting news about technology and startups, we have met with single purpose – to share the newest ongoings in technology with public all over the world.

We compose news about technology and new gadgets round the clock. We are also using ideas from other sources that we think are cool. We will often do try outs with information and charts, images and videos. Workrooms, printing, whiteboards don’t exist here. With a virtual office which includes many countries, we strive to find a story and share it with the world in a few minutes. It’s out the ordinary  , but thrilling. You might  even say experimental. Just as for any experiment, we will blunder sometimes , but always in good faith. We are learning new things all the time, and would like your opinion and assistance in  becoming better in what we do.

You like TechFandu and are eager to learn together? Awesome. Connect with us. Help is always welcome. If have special skills, it is better still. If you haven’t got the time that isn’t a  problem. Support us in a different way. Send us advice if you notice  something that should be covered. You have discovered a cool new startup? Maybe we should write an app review? We are excited hearing about all that!

We do support sponsors and advertising, in order to constantly bringing you different news — but we do have some moral guideline, so be please suss it out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Check us out continually . TechFandu is in constant developing and we would like to introduce you innovations, what is  top-hole and diverse. It surely is a vast playground but we would like to make it somewhat smaller for you.

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