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5 Crazy Ways People Are Exploiting Software To Make Money

Software was created to make the world a better place. In a few years it’s going to take over everything while we sit back and watch. It’s even given us the ability to explore outer space. When you consider how important it is to our daily lives, you’ve got to laugh when you spot some of the crazy ways people are using it to make a few bucks. Let’s take a closer look at how they’re actually doing it.

Writing Dating Profiles

Have you ever wondered how so many guys have all the luck on apps like Tinder? There must be a reason why girls are swiping right for them all day long. Perhaps it’s because they’re not even writing their own profiles or choosing the photos they use. Why bother when experts are taking advantage of the software to make money writing dating profiles for guys they don’t even know?

Connecting To Dead Pets

It’s hard enough speaking to pets when they’re alive. They might understand certain commands, but you can’t have a chat with them about sports or politics. Apparently things must change once they’ve passed over to the other side, because you’ll be able to find a medium who will let you connect with them. Skype is the best software in the world for communicating with (living) people, but this sounds like madness.

Rent Out Your Garden

Do you remember when you used to go camping in the woods as a child? It turns out people are more interested in sleeping under the stars while in the city. They will even pay you for the privilege of using your back garden. If you set up an account on Airbnb you will actually be paid to let someone pitch a tent for a night or two on your grass. It’s the closest thing ever to free money.

Playing Video Games

Playing video games is one of the most popular pastimes on the planet, but gamers are taking things one step further. They’re posting videos of them playing games on sites like YouTube, but the strange thing is millions of fans actually watch them every day. The fact they have a crowd isn’t why this makes the list. It’s because the big players in the industry are making millions of dollars per year.

Betting On Sports

Bookmakers rely on software to come up with their odds. You can guarantee all the big guns on BettingTop 10 will have software you wouldn’t be able to comprehend, because there is big money on the line 24 hours per day. Gamblers are getting smart and they’re using their own software to analyze thousands of stats at once, which would be impossible to do in your head even if you were a genius.

All It Takes Is A Good Imagination

Do you have any ideas on how you can exploit the fantastic software we have available these days? You could come up with the next million dollar idea if you’re lucky. I know it’s easy to think everything has been thought of before, but in reality there are an unlimited amount of them out there.

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