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4 Reasons Your IT Infrastructure is Broken (and How to Fix it)

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Companies tend to make the best of a bad situation, especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure. If things are in some type of working order, they will assume everything is fine and carry on with other tasks. Even though IT is so important to the workings of a modern business, many companies will ignore the updates and changes they need to make to their IT infrastructure. Companies could do with the assistance of IT consultants such as Prosyn to help them determine whether they are doing things in the right way. We can also look at four signs that your IT infrastructure may be broken, and how you could fix it.

1. Software is at the “End of Life

Most software is not meant to last forever. With upgrades or new versions being released, developers often try to phase out a edition after a few years. If you are noticing that your software keeps warning you about the end of its life, you may have to make some changes soon. For instance, you could:

  • Find a new program to perform the same tasks.
  • Check if the software you use has a new version.

2. Using Multiple Systems on One Task

If it takes you four different programs to complete the simplest of tasks, you are doing something wrong. The whole purpose of software and IT with respect to businesses is to make things easier, not more complicated. If you find that you do not have a streamlined way of getting things done online, it means you need to consider upgrading and replacing the software you are currently using. You need software that is more efficient, modern and feature-filled.

3. Running Out of Storage Space

If you are constantly getting calls from your employees, and they keep complaining about how their computers say they are running out of storage space, you are in trouble. Whether it is the physical servers at your office, or the cloud system that you are connected to, you will need to change things up to ensure there is ample space for work to get done. A lack of storage space not only means things are harder to save, but it also means the entire system runs slower. Consult with an IT specialist to figure out alternate storage options if necessary.

4. Employees Use Different Hardware

It is understandable for your employees to own different smartphones, but your office also needs some structure and uniformity when it comes to computers and IT. For instance, your employees should be using the same:

  • computers
  • software for work-related tasks
  • email and task managing applications

If everyone is using different hardware, it is hard to get any consistency with respect to their productivity, or how they manage their work tasks that require computer programs.

5. Applications Are Slow

If your employees spend half their time staring at the computer screen, because everything takes too long to load, you are in trouble. These issues are usually a sign that the computers you are running are too old and not properly optimized. If you are lucky, getting new hard drives is enough, but you may have to get entirely new systems.

Making changes to your IT department is not easy, but these changes are often necessary. Using new software and hardware is a big step, but it is a step that will help increase your company’s productivity in a big way.

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