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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Jail Breaking Your iPhone 6

Although there is no debate about the fact that the iPhone 6 is one of, if not the most popular and best smartphones on the market right now, the main problem people have with it is the actual iOS operating system. There is a severe lack of customisation options compared to what is available on most Android powered phones. This is why so many people jailbreak their phone, to unlock the hidden potential.

If you are wondering whether you should jailbreak your iPhone 6, here are a few great reasons why you should.

Improve the Usefulness of the Lock Screen

Jailbreak iPhone 6

The default lock screen for the iOS is not particularly useful. It includes the usual details such as the time and any notifications waiting for you, but nothing else. If you go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone though, you are now able to use a variety of different tweaks that transform the lock screen into something incredibly useful.

Of all the available lock screen replacements, the most packed and well-put together one is Convergence. It converts the one boring lock screen into multiple screes with different information on each, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and volume settings on one, or calendar and reminder on another. In addition, a screen enables you to bring the camera app up quickly.

Use Banned Apps

Apple is infamous for banning all kinds of different apps from their iTunes App Store. Although this is mostly a safety measure to ensure malware does not get onto your device, there is also the ulterior motive involving competition. When you jailbreak your iPhone though, you can access these banned apps. Most of the apps banned from the iTunes App Store appear on Cydia, the jailbreak counterpart.

Some popular examples of thee include the likes of backup apps, video game emulator aps and various other things.

Enhanced Anti-Theft Features

iCaughtU pro

Although the popular Find My iPhone has its uses, it is riddled with loopholes that do not make it as good a deterrent to thieves as it could be. A simple switch to Airplane Mode makes it useless, for instance. However, with jailbreak apps like iCaughtU, you have a better chance of keeping your iPhone safe.

Customise Apps to Suit You

While jail breaking your iPhone will enable you to tweak and customise many different things concerning iOS, the same also applies to third-party apps. Jailbreak apps such as Flex 2 for instance, exist to help fix or improve the annoyances of third-party apps.

There is even the option to create your very own tweaks with the app, but there are plenty of use-created tweaks if that sounds like too much work. It is very easy to browse and scroll through the list of apps (the ones you already have installed on your phone), choose one and then you will find a list of usable and applicable tweaks for that app.

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