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How to Get to Vegas Without Leaving Your Home

las vegas

Everybody wants to go to Las Vegas at some point in their lives. After all, this is the city that made casinos a worldwide phenomenon. Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world and rightly so. There is so much that the casinos in the city have to offer in terms of rewards, jackpots and just plain fun. However, it can be a little difficult to save up enough to go to Vegas on a whim. It can be even harder to put aside the time that you need to travel that distance. You can’t just go there and stay for a couple of hours either. You would need a weekend, maybe more.

The world has gone digital

However, we are living in the digital age of humanity. Everything that the real, tangible world has to offer has been made available online. This means that you don’t have to go to the fabled city to get your game on. While you probably won’t wake up in the morning with a splitting headache, three strangers in your room, and a drug dealing monkey, is that really a bad thing? Doubtful. If you feel like playing some games online that will help you feel like you are actually in Sin City, there are plenty of sites that you can go to. This means that you will be able to play any casino game without having to leave the comfort of your own home and risk life and limb.

Simple programs, amazing games

Most of the sites that offer casino games use the same Flash games as sites that offer other genres. However, the big difference is that sites like Slots Heaven are tailor-made for people who love casino games. You could find any game under the sun that you would play in a real life casino at these sites. One of the best perks of playing these games online is that you can actually do it without coughing up any cash. This makes it very desirable indeed for people of all ages, because you can play these games without running the risk of losing everything in one fell swoop.

The future is online

These games are usually quite small, and are therefore compatible on nearly any modern computer, even those that don’t run the other video games of the day. In fact, these are so accessible that people get the apps for some sites on their smartphones, so that they can play whenever they are bored. The digital world is a fascinating one indeed. How soon it will be before Vegas itself is a wasteland, and all casinos operate over the internet using virtual reality, no one knows.

Considering the rate at which technology is progressing, with new advancements being made in the field of programming and web design every day, it would seem that VR casinos aren’t far off at all either. However, for the time being we must be content with sitting comfortably at home while playing a lovely round of blackjack at our favorite online casino.

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Efficient And Helpful Triggers In Salesforce Tutorial

121Many members of the community are beginning to show an interest in cloud computing, with the result that they have many queries. Their most common queries pertain to writing as well as testing and debugging triggers in salesforce. Since there is a great deal of difference between programming for a dedicated server and a multi-tenant platform, it’s important to develop triggers in Salesforce tutorial to help them programmers with a .NET or Java background to figure out how to go about it.

Unlike other tutorials however, this triggers in Salesforce tutorial does not cover each and every aspect of bulk processing or triggers. It does, however, aim to bring together all the different tutorials over the Internet into one comprehensive document so that the reader does not have to read through multiple documents or sources for the information they require. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the correct way of writing, as well as the incorrect way of writing triggers for

Starting With Triggers In Salesforce Tutorial

Before you begin, you need to understand what a trigger is in the first place. Those with an Oracle or SQL Server background have some idea about what a trigger is, but a trigger is different from the triggers found in these environments. The Apex documentation describes a trigger as a script that kicks in after an event such as delete, update or insert has been executed. It can affect anything from a single record to up to 200 records, so it is highly recommended to write a script that will accommodate a large number of transactions, to take advantage of this feature.

Let’s first talk about how not to write triggers. It is very important to mention this as many novice developers begin by making quite a lot of errors so it should be pointed out first. The most obvious error, of course, is to write a trigger that would be effective for only a single record at a time instead of bulk transactions in which multiple records are queried and affected. This is particularly true of programmers who come from a .NET or Java background, where such a thing is generally considered acceptable. In a environment, this is a sheer waste.

The Apex runtime engine implements a large number of governors for particular entry points and contexts, for example, tests, WSDL methods, controllers, triggers and anonymous block execution. You should make it a point to go over all documentation provided in order to understand how to develop for Do note however that the documentation recommends that you test 25 records, but experts recommend that you test 200. This is because using 25 records without taking advantage of the testing runtime context will ensure that your trigger will run without generating any bugs. However, as soon as the triggers in Salesforce tutorial is implemented in a live environment, the 21st record will generate an exception. This is because triggers impose a 20 SQL query limit, whereas in RunTest, this limit is 100 queries.

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Movavi Video Editor Review


Editing videos can be tough, especially if you have no prior experience. That is why most people assume that it is something only professionals can do, but that isn’t exactly true either.

The truth is that when you boil it down, the ‘difficulty’ involved in editing videos is really a question of the software that is being used. A lot of the software out there is intended for professionals, and so it assumes a certain level of technical expertise and experience. However the Movavi Video Editor is different in this regard, because it does not make that assumption and instead focuses on a user-friendly approach that is accessible regardless of your level of experience.



Being designed from the ground up with the user experience at the forefront, the Movavi Video Editor makes all of its powerful features accessible and easy to use. Many can be selected and dragged into place, and everything is clearly visible and in non-technical jargon so there should be no issues finding the features that are needed.

The best part is that although it is ‘simple’ to use, the Movavi Video Editor sacrifices nothing in terms of functionality, and is able to provide a host of video editing features that are incredibly powerful. Some of these features include being able to cut, trim, and edit video footage, adding titles, inserting audio, utilizing special effects and filters, and even enhancing the video quality and correcting common problems.

All of these features follow the same user-friendly approach so there should be no issues learning how to use them. In fact, in no time you’ll probably be able to master them and put them to good use when you edit your own videos.

In stark contrast to the experiences that you may have had with some other software where you aren’t quite sure what you should be doing, with the Movavi Video Editor you’ll find that everything comes a lot easier. Even for more experienced users, the intuitive nature of the software will mean that you’re able to pick it up a lot faster and really capitalize on the full strength of its features.

So if you’re looking for a rock-solid movie editor that has powerful features and yet is accessible, the Movavi Video Editor will fit the bill perfectly. Go ahead and try it out for yourself – there’s no better way to see what it’s capable of than by checking it out firsthand.

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Choosing The Best Printer

You would like to buy a new printer, but you don’t know which one? In this article we will help you select the best brands of printers that are reliable, fast and affordable.


Canon PIXMA MX395
Pixma MX395 provides the ability to print documents and photos. It has two paper trays that enable quick and easy printing  because 250 sheets fit in one tray. The speed of this incredible machine is increased compared to previous Canon releases, it can print color images in ten minutes and 15 black-and-white documents.

Pixma MX455 printer is compact, multifunctional device which possesses a special, elegant style. It has an integrated mechanism for automatic document feeding of 30 pages and Wi-Fi function. It is  very practical and easy to handle.It works with the help of Fine XL cartridges, which are efficient and long lasting. That is why you will change them less frequently. Printing can be performed by using a tablet computer or a smart phone. Speed: 9.7 ipm (mono) and 5.5 images in color.

Canon cartridge inkjet printer Pixma MX525 is similar to the previously described. However, they added some special features that only prove better quality and more advanced technology at Canon company. It is recommended for offices that monitor trends and want to adapt to new products. The printer has a color screen of 6.2 inches and features double-sided printing, which will facilitate and speed up the job. Of course, Wi-Fi / Ethernet function is indispensable in such machine via which they can be linked with various phones and tablet computers. Speed ​​is the same as for the Pixma MX455.

Pixma MX925 is the most productive and best printer we will mention. It works with the help of XXL cartridges with five separate inks. These cartridges are economical and allow you to replace worn ink. Ideal for frequent printing at home or in the office. The quality of color images is exceptional, and the photos are beautiful. TFT color screen measuring 7.5 cm facilitate printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Duplex printing is faster than with the previous printer, the capacity is 35 pages. Pixma MX925 can print directly from discs.

We hope we have helped you in choosing a printer for home use or if you want to renew your office with sleek and stylish piece.

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K3OPS to launch the First Charge Free Smartphone and stick’N Charge

Many companies have tried to harvest electromagnetic fields, but they also failed, as the output of such devices were too low to permanently power devices. This has changed with the release of the company’s products. After three years of development and an additional year of testing, K3OPS is ready to release their technology that the press consider as a game changer. The company was very quiet but today they overcome the challenge of a stable RF/DC conversion.

All we know is that they are the only one using an hybrid and unique system that separates datas transmission ‘the numeric’ and the source that is of course analog.

Xin Wei co founder of the company commented recently to the press, “We have been approached by several brands. It was a question of finding the right partnership for a long term commitment. By definition, a smartphone needs to be “smart” and it has been some time since the mobile phone market has made ground breaking advancements in battery technology. Cell phones are increasing in size. They have become as fast and powerful as personal computers. However, there have been little change in features. Nicer cameras, enhanced screens, vivid colors, more memory and added applications are now offered, but the customer is demanding more and rightfully so. Since the 2007 Apple revolution, companies have not advanced smartphone battery technology to the extent the customer requires.”

But here comes another plug. The company is not interested in turning all this into making as much profits as possible – no, the company will actually sell such products at extremely low prices, as the development stage enables the company to produce the products at a low price, consumers won’t pay more than 10 Euros for such a battery, for example. Now do the math and check how much money you spend on regular batteries? Did we mention that these devices last “forever”? No maintenance, no replacement parts required.

Zhen ZHANG engenior at K3OPS proudly concluded :”It is time for a brand to introduce a game changer and K3OPS has done that with the first charge free Smartphone. The first phone that uses an ecological technology to run, the first brand that comes with an answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues and ultimately the first brand to offer an endless supply of green energy that is free, meaning no cost at all.”

Here we come with the question will they choose Samsung ? All we can state is that those guys started a revolution.

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PC Gaming Headsets: What To Search For

If we compare the best PC headsets for gaming, we will find some characteristics that every gamer should search for. You want a headset with audio that functions fine as a communication device and a hearing device . The design is  very significant: It should be  comfy, functional, and pleasant to look at. The majority of PC gaming headsets incorporate some additional characteristics besides from those directly related to audio design and quality, which are typically for comfort. In the end, search for a firm  that possesses a good support and help service.

PC headsets for gaming


The important things are: the kind of output they are competent at, the level of resistance, the dimensions of the drivers etc. Cheaper headsets often possess quality stereo sound, which is more than acceptable for most situations.

Mikes can be unidirectional, bidirectional or omnidirectional, but most of headsets are unidirectional to eject distracting ambient sounds. PC gaming headsets aren’t only headphones with a microphone. They require qualities such as positional audio technology and precision bass levels.


Physical design is very significant. We should examine  headbands’ comfort,  ear coupling type and the headsets’ weight, length of the cord and type of connection.


Search for a USB connection. Search for gaming headsets that posses individual gaming volume controls and microphone. Find out whether the microphone is detachable or retractable, because sometimes you to might want  to play a game without your mike.

Help & Support

Take into consideration the quantity of support available in case of manufacturing defects.

This is the information you would like to have before deciding what PC gaming headset meet your needs the best.

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Top Tech Cars 2015

It is astounding what can be changed within a decade. A decade ago, few cars possessed navigation, USB ports or Bluetooth hands free systems. Nowadays, those things are implied. We bring you a short overview of most technically advanced cars available today.

BMW i8

BMW i8

The BMW i8 possesses the concept-car guise which helps it to distinguish in the crowd and a body made of carbon fiber that keeps weight down. It has a plug-in hybrid drive train (allows 22 miles of electric range) and it reaches 357 horsepower.

It has skinny tires that lack strong cornering grip and the hybrid drive train programming needs refinement.
The 2015 i8 is very expensive, but it is the most exotic car with BMW badge.

Infiniti Q50S Hybrid

Infiniti Q50S Hybrid

It possesses hybrid drive train, corner braking that assists handling and drive-by-wire steering . The tech interface enables room for applications.

At moderate speeds the power delivery seems uneven. Boot-up period for the infotainment system lasts overlong.
Infiniti Q50S Hybrid offers good handling, driver-assistance features, good fuel economy and cabin infotainment.

Mercedes-Benz S550

Mercedes-Benz S550

It possesses huge cabin space, enables a smooth ride and possesses quality cabin. The tech is being kept ahead of the pack with LED lights and LCD dashboard panels . Steering Assist characteristic eases driving in traffic jams.
Application integration loads too slow for common use. Virtual instrument measuring device looks somewhat flat, and it needs a graphic fuel measuring device.

Mercedes-Benz improved just about every characteristic in this model, but application integration suffers from sluggish connection.

Audi RS 7 Quattro

Audi RS 7 Quattro

Great speed is possible due to the powerful V-8 engine, all-wheel drive system and adaptive suspension. Eight speeds and cylinder deactivation technology asist bumping up the fuel economy. It is Web-connected and Nvidia-powered technology is top of the class.

It seems that Night Vision is there just to attract attention rather than being useful. Infotainment needs a few moments to “boot” at the start of every drive.

This car is comfortable, fairly efficient and high-tech with a healthy dose of horsepower.

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Best Smartphones For The Elderly

Smart phones nowadays are even easier for seniors to use, in compare to the old cell phones with large buttons. Below is a short list of the top five smart phones for the elderly. We’ve considered several factors: readability, high-volume , flashlight, ease of use and an Emergency SOS button.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

It possesses an improved camera and a low light photo performance. It runs ios7 and possesses a much faster processor. It has a 4 inch screen and is suggested for the elderly with fading eyesight. Great sound makes it easier for people with hearing problems, they would be able to hear the cell when it rings. The phone can be registered, hence it can be found in case you ever lost it. It’s an excellent choice for seniors.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

Its screen fights blaze and makes it easier to read in locations with exceeding lights or sunlight. It possesses a big 6 inch screen so seniors would be able to see everything. It has an excellent camera, dual flash and great sound. The anti-blaze is especially useful for people with eyesight issues.

LG G2 Verizon

LG G2 Verizon

Among other features , the G2 possesses a 5.2 inch screen, a quad core processor, flash and auto focus on the camera. This phone is very comfy to carry, which is great for the elderly who don’t  want a bulky phone. The big screen is a bonus.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

It possesses a fast processor, great graphics and excellent sound.The 5 inch screen is suitable for people who want a big display and the amazing graphics make everything easy to perceive. It  has 32 GB of internal storage space.

HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini

Although this phone is named mini, the sound is loud! It has a 4.3 inch screen and it is dual core, so it’s very quick and is also able to accommodate a flashlight.

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5 Affordable GPS Systems For Cars

Global Positioning System – GPS is currently the only fully functional planetary satellite navigation system. GPS consists of 24 satellites deployed in Earth’s orbit, which transmit a radio signal to the Earth’s surface. GPS receivers based on these radio signals can determine their exact position – altitude, latitude and longitude – anywhere in the world, day and night and in all weather conditions.

Navman EZY – is considered to be one of the best in Europe . However, this model provides only basic things and hasn’t got many extra features like other “Navman” models   . It has a screen of 3.5 inches and is capable of displaying 2D and 3D maps. Review and Response screens are good.
Price: Around 70 euros

Navman EZY

TomTom Start 20 – This is the “low-budget” model  i.e. it offers only the most basic options. Despite the fact that it was not equipped as a more powerful models, “Start 20” provides the ability to connect bluetooth headsets and displays traffic jams on the way.
Price: About 90 euros

TomTom Start 20

Mio Spirit 687 – Mio is he company that has made some excellent business moves and managed to reach the very top when it comes to offering navigation. This model provides some interesting services such as voice control, the ability to use Google services and even the option of joining the DVD player to the very screen of five inches.
Price: 150 euros

Mio Spirit 687

Garmin nüLink! 1695 – Probably the best known company for the production of satellite navigators. The device labeled “nüLink! 1695 ” brings the big screen of five inches, which perfectly reproduces colors. In addition, it monitors traffic on the road where the driver is located, and it regularly gives you notices about crowds. There is also a regular upgrade of maps.
Price: 200 euros

Garmin NuLink 1695

Blueberry 2GO447 navigation is extremely thin and easy to carry (weight 126 gr.). Touch screen is slightly smaller than 11 cm . Dimensions are 117mm x 77mm x 13mm. With Blueberry 2GO447 you can get clear voice instructions that will enable more secure and safer driving. This is the model with FM transmitter (87.6-107.9MHz) that quickly, easily and  wireless connects portable music players. Blueberry 2GO447 enables you to watch movies, photos and listen to music via simple control on the screen. It has an internal memory of 4 GB, and supports SD cards up to 8GB. Navigation supports formats: WMV9, MPG4, Divx, MPEG2 (res. 480×272), AVI, ASF, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, … With this navigation you get: car charger, USB cable, windscreen holder, user manual.

Blueberry 2GO447

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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Jail Breaking Your iPhone 6

Although there is no debate about the fact that the iPhone 6 is one of, if not the most popular and best smartphones on the market right now, the main problem people have with it is the actual iOS operating system. There is a severe lack of customisation options compared to what is available on most Android powered phones. This is why so many people jailbreak their phone, to unlock the hidden potential.

If you are wondering whether you should jailbreak your iPhone 6, here are a few great reasons why you should.

Improve the Usefulness of the Lock Screen

Jailbreak iPhone 6

The default lock screen for the iOS is not particularly useful. It includes the usual details such as the time and any notifications waiting for you, but nothing else. If you go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone though, you are now able to use a variety of different tweaks that transform the lock screen into something incredibly useful.

Of all the available lock screen replacements, the most packed and well-put together one is Convergence. It converts the one boring lock screen into multiple screes with different information on each, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and volume settings on one, or calendar and reminder on another. In addition, a screen enables you to bring the camera app up quickly.

Use Banned Apps

Apple is infamous for banning all kinds of different apps from their iTunes App Store. Although this is mostly a safety measure to ensure malware does not get onto your device, there is also the ulterior motive involving competition. When you jailbreak your iPhone though, you can access these banned apps. Most of the apps banned from the iTunes App Store appear on Cydia, the jailbreak counterpart.

Some popular examples of thee include the likes of backup apps, video game emulator aps and various other things.

Enhanced Anti-Theft Features

iCaughtU pro

Although the popular Find My iPhone has its uses, it is riddled with loopholes that do not make it as good a deterrent to thieves as it could be. A simple switch to Airplane Mode makes it useless, for instance. However, with jailbreak apps like iCaughtU, you have a better chance of keeping your iPhone safe.

Customise Apps to Suit You

While jail breaking your iPhone will enable you to tweak and customise many different things concerning iOS, the same also applies to third-party apps. Jailbreak apps such as Flex 2 for instance, exist to help fix or improve the annoyances of third-party apps.

There is even the option to create your very own tweaks with the app, but there are plenty of use-created tweaks if that sounds like too much work. It is very easy to browse and scroll through the list of apps (the ones you already have installed on your phone), choose one and then you will find a list of usable and applicable tweaks for that app.