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6 Ways To Maximize Your Mobile Experience

Your mobile experience can be determined on your initial purchase of the product. Either you prefer your SIM network to be unlocked originally or with a pin, it will still fall down to what particular product would satisfy your mobile experience.

Now that a point has been given, how do you maximize your overall smartphone experience?

Start off with this list, and all else will follow.

  1. Determine your needs for the smartphone you’re opting to buy

Of course, your purchase should go according to your needs. Perhaps a full screen, great keyboard display, high quality touch sensitivity, and great camera specs? Maybe you should opt for a Sony, Samsung, or Apple product. If you’re looking for an affordable yet intermediate level smartphone, then you can try Chinese brands Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.

  1. Choose what operating system will suit your needs best

The phone’s operating system will play a major role in your mobile experience. Not only will it determine the experience itself, but how you can make use of it for almost everything you’d want to do. Primarily, there are three major operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows.

iOS is mainly known for its firm, smooth, and simple yet direct to the point user interface. More so, it assures users the best security when it comes to their personal information, and quality photos through its breakthrough camera lens.

On the other hand, Android allows a wide variety of customization options for its users. Thanks to Google. If you love tweaking your phone into your preference, you may opt for Android smartphones. You’ll do well with them.

Lastly, there’s Windows. While Windows may have been a tad bit late when it comes to innovation, it is still a good option for most business individuals. If you’re a Windows user, it would not be difficult for you to navigate the mobile version. Furthermore, Microsoft also assures high-quality camera lenses in their mobile products.

  1. Pick the carrier that would work best for your lifestyle

In the United States, the carrier of your phone will determine the limitations of your phone usage. These include Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

  • Sprint is a big carrier, however, it can’t be denied that the company has been struggling with keeping up with its rival competitors AT&T and Verizon. The recent successful deployment of 4G networks by the said competitors has caused difficult times for the company. But of course, Sprint is making efforts with LTE. Hence, if you want a variety of options with regards to Android and iPhone products, then you can try Sprint.
  • AT&T. The carrier has a wide variety, if not the largest among all carriers, of phone units available for consumers. They can offer you almost every iPhone, Android, and Windows phone available in the market. As of writing, it can be said that AT&T plays the second best in the market next to Verizon when it comes to LTE network deployment.
  • While Verizon may be the best carrier among these four, it’s also the most expensive one. However, this can be justified given that the carrier leads the 4G LTE network deployment in the United States, thereby allowing faster connection speed among people. Though it may likewise offer a variety of options with phone brands, it is a bit lacking with regards to Windows units.
  • T-Mobile. T-Mobile is a flexi carrier, given that it can cater to almost all the needs of consumers. From Windows to Android to Blackberry units that is offered along with just the right prices and generous plans. It can be said that while T-Mobile may be the least performing carrier when it comes to fast LTE network, it can still cater to the primary needs of other people.

  1. Check the features that you’d want in your smartphone

You wouldn’t run out of choices when it comes to smartphones. So, how do you filter them? Here’s where units’ special features enter the scene.

  • Among all other things, you should put the processor on your top priority. Unless it’s quad- or octa-core, then don’t go for it. The processor will determine your mobile experience most, the way your apps will run, and how you can avoid frustrating app crashes. But if you’re the casual type of user, who can live without a few more heavy apps, then you can opt for a dual-core.
  • Either it’s AMOLED or LCD, both are still great options when it comes to display. More so, you should also check the resolution given for an HD viewing experience, where the least you can go for should be 720p.
  • Today, it’s best to look for a carrier or an unlocked phone that supports a 4G LTE connection. That is if you’re opting for fast connection. Among wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon provides the best network experience given their impressive LTE network deployment.
  • Of course, camera. Who doesn’t love taking photos? Whether you’re the selfie-type of person or the user who just love taking photos from behind the camera. Most likely, the best camera experience can be expected from smartphone brands such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, HTC, and Huawei.
  • Moving on to battery life, if you need your phone for the most part of the day, then opt for at least a 2000mAh. But if you’re the gamer type, you wouldn’t probably the idea of plugging your phone to extend your battery life. With this said, it may be best to opt for a 3000mAh. Also, battery varies in two types: a built-in or a removable one. While built-in batteries are becoming the trend nowadays, there are still those that offers removable battery. Either way, choose what best fits your preference.
  • Okay, we cannot deny that memory is a huge factor in a smartphone. Otherwise, your smartphone wouldn’t satisfy you. Hence, opt for at least a 16GB internal memory, along with a 2GB of RAM. This is due to the fact that most apps that are recently developed eats a huge chunk of your phone’s memory and may affect its performance. Not to mention the bloatware that comes with your phone, courtesy of your chosen carrier.

  1. Choose the plan that would fit your budget

While there may be a variety of choices that you can come across with in your search for a great mobile experience, you should also be wise especially with the service plan. This should be based on your call, SMS, and data consumption. Hence, if you don’t talk 24/7 on the phone or chat people through messaging apps, or even the ever present type of user in social media platforms, then avoid going beyond your budget range for the sake of a great plan.

  1. Narrow down your choices

If you have your options listed, then it’s time to settle with your choice. While this may be tricky, the ultimate way to go from here is to experience the phone itself. Maybe a demo when you are in the store, or from someone you know. You can also ask a tech-savvy friend to help you out. Most importantly, make sure you really want it without going overboard or limiting yourself too much.

Key Takeaway

Truth be told that there’s a variety of options when it comes to smartphones, from entry-levels to midrange to high-end units that a well-established or a growing phone manufacturer may have produced in the market. However, your mobile experience can still vary with the choice you make in your initial purchase as it determines the maximum capacity of your phone.

If you’re not comfortable with your first choice, then don’t hesitate to find an alternative. Only then will you be able to maximize your mobile experience.


Tips for Buying Electronic Gadgets on eBay

The freewheeling marketplace on eBay is great for buyers looking to buy gadgets on discounted or deal prices. You can buy items for a listed price, or bid on a gadget you like. You may even be able to find some items for far less than what it costs to buy on Amazon. The eBay marketplace also has sellers who sometimes offer international shipping for free, which is a great deal. However, it’s also important to be careful when buying. Here are several tips that will help you buy gadgets safely on eBay:

Use Advanced Search Features

When you type in a generic search term on eBay, you will get hundreds of listings. Often the ones on top are live auctions. To find exactly what you want, use advanced search filters that allow you to refine your search. You can specify parameters such as price ranges, used or new, auctions or sales, international shipping, and other common ones like size or color. Refined searches yields results closer to what you are looking for. So don’t hesitate to use this feature.

Decide Whether to Buy or Bid

For some gadgets, you will find listings for both bids and buys. Some sellers on auctions also allow interested parties to buy with a one-time payment, instead of waiting a day or two for an auction to conclude. You will have to decide whether it’s more cost-effective to pay the one-time price or bid. Keep in mind that bidding can get out of hand. You can check past ended auctions for the same or similar items to see what the final bidding price was. If it’s usually over the listed one-time price, you are better off buying without bidding. If you think you can finalize a deal for something under the listed price, go for it. But keep in mind that sellers usually have a price threshold in mind and bidding is conducted in a manner to go over this price.

Know How Much the Item Costs Elsewhere

Always check what an electronic gadget costs elsewhere before you buy on eBay. Check the original manufacturer’s website and other sites like Amazon or Best Buy to get an idea of how much the item usually costs. If you find a price that is significantly below the retail price, check to see why it is so. It could be that the item is old or has defects. Sometimes sellers offer really high prices above the listed retail price. High prices are usually combined with free international shipping. If you live overseas, you can calculate the retail price cost with the shipping cost to see if you are getting a good deal.

Always, Always Read the Descriptions Carefully

The seller provides the detailed description for the item on each product page. You usually have to scroll down a bit to see it. The description you see on top is just a brief. The real details are down below. You should carefully read this part because it’s the place where you usually find important information regarding gadgets. For example, a seller might list a gadget as new, but in the long description may list that only some parts are new. If you want measurement details, you will have to refer to the long product description. The seller will disclose other details like possible defects, packaging issues, or refund policy here. Know everything before you buy by reading the longer description.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are not satisfied with a product, you will be able to get a refund through eBay. However, some purchases cannot be returned if the mistake is on your part. Therefore, follow the above tips to be safe when buying from eBay.

About the Author

Eduardo Bridges writes professionally about buying budget gadgets online. He is a former software engineer who now runs his own business. Click here to visit his blog.

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Things to Learn from Wanna Cry

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you work in IT, or you are an employee at a major company, you may have heard about the horrible impact of the Wanna Cry ransomware. But even those who heard about Wanna Cry do not always have a proper idea of what happened. We will run down the basics of the Wanna Cry ransomware, its impact, and what lessons we can learn from this incident.

Per IT and data security experts, the Wanna Cry ransomware was the most dangerous and severe malware attack that took place in 2017. The Wanna Cry virus is a type of Trojan virus that we call ransomware. The reason why it is called ransomware is because the virus is meant to hold the computer or data servers of major companies hostage while the hacker demands a ransom so they can let go of that data.

What Did the Wanna Cry Malware Do?

The Wanna Cry ransomware worked in a surprisingly simple way. When a system became infected, the ransomware would encrypt all the data on that system and inform the user about what happened. A program pops up on the individual or company’s computer system, which indicates that all your data has been stolen and encrypted. Two timers are present on the side of the program screen, and they indicate how much payment is requested and how much time is left to pay. In addition, they showcase when your system’s files will be permanently lost if payment is not received.

Lessons to Learn

There are so many lessons we can learn from the Wanna Cry ransomware attack. The first thing everyone must know is that this attack is not over. Yes, Microsoft worked very hard to plug any security holes in their systems that the Wanna Cry ransomware exploited. However, it does not mean the attack is over or no longer a threat. Systems that are old or not properly updated are still vulnerable, while the creators of the ransomware may always find a way around Microsoft’s “fixes,” which would put the ransomware back in play on all Windows systems.

The best thing that we can do is to immediately update any system that is running a Windows OS. Whether it is XP, Server 2003, 8 or 10, every single upgrade should be run through before the system is touched again. In addition, major companies may want to think about using a data backup option such as EMC storage. While these types of storage solutions do not eliminate the threat of the virus, they ensure that even if your system is hacked and your data encrypted by Wanna Cry, a secure and accessible backup of all your data will exist.

One instinct we must avoid is to blame companies or individuals who were impacted by the virus. Using an old version of Windows or falling for a phishing email is not the reason Wanna Cry had such a huge impact. It exposed a flaw in everyone’s systems. Some companies were merely luckier than others to avoid major data loss or theft. But if our secure backups are in place, and we remain vigilant, we can ensure any further Wanna Cry attacks will have a minimal impact.

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How to Monitor your CCTV from your Smartphone

In this day and age, we are able to take less and less risks with our security. CCTV is becoming something that is more or less normal for family homes, and recent technology has made it a lot easier for the average person to monitor their CCTV. While before, you needed to plug your CCTV into a monitor or television, or a video recording device to watch back the tapes, you can now quickly and easily connect up your CCTV to your smartphone or tablet. This means you can monitor your CCTV on your smartphone wherever you are, as long as you have access to the internet. Setting up CCTV to connect to other devices used to be something quite niche, that only a hobbyist well educated on the subject could do, but now pretty much anyone can give it a go.

What are the benefits of monitoring my CCTV from a smartphone

There are many benefits to monitoring your CCTV through your smartphone. In today’s day and age, most people are never without their smartphones, which gives them an opportunity to monitor their CCTV all of the time, but there are lots of other reasons people chose this route when they are setting up their home security systems.

Monitoring CCTV from a smartphone is cheaper

Once you have purchased the camera that you are going to use to record CCTV footage one, if you are aiming to connect up with a smartphone then this is the only piece of hardware you will need. You may need to purchase an app, or this may come in the package, but that it about it. Older ‘tape’ style CCTV systems would of required you to purchase a monitor and and continuous stream of blank VHS tapes.

You can monitor CCTV from a smartphone live

Another great benefit to getting set up to monitoring your CCTV on your smartphone is that you can log in and watch live. If you record CCTV footage, you probably wont have access to it until after it has recorded if you are using an old fashioned system. This means that you will have to report the event after it has happened, and give the correct authorities less time to catch the culprit. If you are away, and you log in and watch your CCTV in real time on your smartphone, you can contact the police straight away if you see something suspicious. This means they can get to your home more quickly after an event.

Monitoring CCTV from a smartphone is easier

Monitoring your CCTV from a smartphone is a lot easier than setting up loads of equipment. Old style CCTV set up consists of the recording device, a monitor and the tapes. This will also require a lot of wire. The smartphone approach is a lot less hassle, and it will take a lot less time to get started.

How do I set up monitoring my CCTV from my smartphone

There are a number of ways you can set up CCTV monitoring for your smartphone or tablet, and there are ways to do this with both iPhone and Android devices. If you are using a device specifically for CCTV monitoring, you may want to look up what works best with your hardware between the two. You will also need to consider the scale of your set up. A home set up is easy to do, but if this is for a business then there are probably going to be more than one way that you can get this into action.

Using apps

For both Android and iPhone there are a number of apps you can use to connect to recording devices and then monitor in app.

AtHome Camera – iPhone

This iPhone app comes with both a free and paid for version. The free version has a limited recording time, however this is a good way to give the app a try before you use it in real life. You can connect this up to your chosen piece of hardware, and then you can either record or monitor live depending on your preference.

Foscam Surveillance Pro – iPhone 

This iPhone app will connect up to it’s piece of hardware, so you do need to match the two when you are thinking about your set up. However, one thing that you need to consider is the fact that not only can you record and monitor live, but you can also control the actual camera remotely. This is a great addition to the app, especially if you get out somewhere and remember you have forgotten to turn your camera on.

Motion detector pro – Android 

This clever apk uses a motion detection algorithm so it will start recording as soon as it see’s movement. You can use it to monitor a specific area of your home, like the front door.

M – Surveillance Free – Android 

This apk works like many of the others, aside from the fact that it can be triggered with an SMS message. Although you cannot actually control it remotely, you can make it start filming with an SMS.

Using smart camera’s

There is a slight difference between normal cameras and smart camera. If you buy a normal camera, and download the app to monitor your CCTV, you are just adding on an extension of what the product already does, which is record. However, because monitoring from a smartphone has now become so popular, there are a while range of camera available that are called smart cameras. Smart cameras are designed directly for the purpose of monitoring with a smartphone or tablet. Because of this, they are a lot easier to use and you will have a lot more control of the camera from your smartphone. The app will be something that comes with the camera, and the perfect marriage between the software and hardware means that you will always get the best user experience.

Using IP cameras or webcams to stream over a server

When smart cameras were not around and apps were not invented for this exact purpose, many internet savvy people started coming up with their own ways to circumnavigate the process to make there an easy way for them to use a normal IP camera or a webcam as a CCTV camera. The difference between and IP camera and a web camera is that an IP camera can be connected over the network or wifi, and a webcam will need to be plugged in.

When it comes to monitoring, the process is fairly complex. What you would effectively do, is set up a live streaming service that is hosted online. You can either use your own server for this or find one, or search for a website that hosts this kind of streaming as their primary business. When you have set this up, every time you activate the camera before you leave you will essentially be setting up a live stream. You can set these to private so that only yourself can view, but remember, this method will not afford you as much privacy as the other.

When you have done this, all you will need to do is log in to the live stream to be able to monitor from your smartphone. You will not need an app for this, as you will just be able to access the website and log into the stream on your devices internet browser. This method is still fairy primitive, and would not be recommended unless no other avenue really does work for you. This is because live streaming on the internet will be a massive privacy issue, as even if you have secured the server you could still be hacked.


Android stock ROM – why you need it

The term ROM in the context of mobile phones means firmware or the basic operating software. This means that when you install a new ROM in your smart-phone it is similar to installing a fresh operating system in your laptop or desktop. Android happens to be an open source software and developers are forever changing its code in order to add new products – apps in this case – into the mix. They can add new features such as changing the home screen or making the system more stable. This is called stock ROM. They can also customize it. This is called Custom ROM.

Why should you choose stock ROM?

There are some good reasons as to why you should choose stock ROM in the first place. These are basically the default options in the smart-phones and tablets that you are buying. In spite of being stock in name, companies do customize them to an extent in order to make sure that the features and the overall look stand out from other brands that are competing with them.


Warranty is a major reason as to why you should choose stock ROMs in the first place. In fact, a lot of people do not prefer custom ROMs because they do not come with the warranty that the stock versions do. Most of the companies that offer Android smart-phones actually warn you from rooting your phones and installing custom ROMs. Once you do so, then the warranty of those phones becomes null and void.

Top-class apps

This is also a major benefit of choosing stock ROMs. These systems are full of apps that have been created by said companies in order to catch your attention. The list can include things such as music players, live wallpapers, and widgets. These high-quality apps are there to make sure that you have a commendable experience in using the phone. No two mobile vendors make these apps the same way and at times they differ with respect to models of phone as well. Better the app, costlier is the phone.

Best features

This is a major reason as well for you to go for Android stock ROMs. Even in its original form Android happens to be a cool option but smart-phone makers never really think like that. They are always busy attempting to make them better with respect to areas such as looks and features. The stock ROMs normally have the high-class features that can really make it worth your while. You will not get them in custom ROMs – at least not for free like the way you get in the stock ROMs. These features are inclusive of customized home screens, app drawers, and launchers.

Trust and security

The Android operating systems being marketed by reputable companies can always be trusted. You can always be sure that it does not have features such as backdoor, spyware, malware, or any other malicious tool for that matter. This however does not mean that custom ROMs cannot be trusted but privacy and security are always major issues for many people who buy smart-phones.

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Movavi Video Editor: A Great Alternative to Windows Movie Maker

Up till very recently, Windows Movie Maker was included within the Microsoft Windows operating system in XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Although it can technically be used on Windows 10 as well it needs to be downloaded separately – but is that really ideal? Although you may be familiar with Windows Movie Maker, there are some alternatives out there that could be better – such as Movavi Video Editor.

Think of this as a Movavi Video Editor vs. Windows Movie Maker review that compares both editors side-by-side so that you can see for yourself how they stack up. That can be accomplished based on several criteria that will affect how you use the software:


  • User Interface

One of the hallmarks of Windows Movie Maker is its simple and intuitive user interface, and that is something that Movavi Video Editor is also known for. Both are intuitive, easy to navigate and have multiple language options – which makes it more or less a tie between them.


  • Input and Output Features

Both Movavi Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker support input from videos in numerous formats, but Windows Movie Maker only can save videos in MP4 or WMV – whereas Movavi Video Editor supports a massive range of formats. Additionally Windows Movie Maker does not support 4k videos or Intel Media acceleration, causing it to fall further behind Movavi.


  • Recording Tools

Aside from loading videos that were previously recorded, you can record webcam footage and audio from a microphone using Windows Movie Maker. However Movavi Video Editor not only allows for that, but also supports video capture via HD camcorders, and analog devices such as TV tuners or VHS players.


  • Editing Features

Make no mistake Windows Movie Maker is far from comprehensive, any only has basic editing tools to trim and split videos, stabilize footage, adjust audio automatically, zoom, pan, flip or rotate alongside a few effects, transitions and title presets. On the other hand Movavi Video Editor is a far more robust editor that has all that and includes many more effects, transitions and title presets as well as features such as audio effects, callouts, crop, automatic enhancement, and more.


  • Price

Being freeware, Windows Movie Maker will cost absolutely nothing compared to the $39.95 for the full version of Movavi Video Editor. That being said that price is justified by the huge difference in features – as shown above.


As you can see, Windows Movie Maker is an excellent, simple, and easy-to-use editor that will fit most basic needs. However it pales in comparison to a full-fledged video editor like Movavi Video Editor that will give you more powerful editing features, recording options, and support a much wider range of formats. In short if you want to create great-looking videos, it might be worth investing and making the switch.

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7 iPhone Myths Lots Of People Still Believe Are Completely True

We live in a world where everyone wants to believe in urban legends. They’re exciting and give us something to talk about when conversations run dry. Unfortunately, there is only one little problem you have to worry about. Nearly every one of these myths you hear is completely untrue.

It’s fun sharing stories with your friends, but it isn’t as nice when they actually begin to affect your life. This happens a lot with people who own an iPhone. There are lots of myths floating about regarding this magical device, so let’s put them to bed for good.

Bluetooth Will Zap Your Battery

This one was actually true once upon a time. If you enabled Bluetooth on your phone the battery would be drained a lot quicker. It meant people would only switch it on when they needed to use it.

You’ll find the Bluetooth technology they use in iPhones these days is much better. You could leave it on all the time and it would have little effect on your battery life if it’s not being used.

Close Your Background Apps

Due to the fact Apple allows you to have apps running in the background, users assume it’s going to affect the battery life on their phone. When you think about it logically it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t.

You’re forgetting one important thing, which is that Apple are a very smart company. They’ve purposefully designed their phones to limit what background apps can do, so if you have a battery problem it’s coming from somewhere else.

Drying Your iPhone In Rice

How would you go about repairing a water damaged iPhone? People say you should bury it in rice because it will absorb all the water. The part about rice absorbing water isn’t a myth and it will work.

The real myth that will cause you pain is burying your iPhone in rice to begin with. Think about how delicate your phone is. Now think about all those particles the rice is going to leave behind to cause damage.

Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

You’ll usually hear this myth more than the one about letting your battery run out before recharging it. Both are based on old batteries, so bad things would happen in the past when you charged your phone overnight.

It wouldn’t overcharge the battery, but it would not know when to stop and eventually the maximum charge wouldn’t last as long over time. Nowadays iPhones know when to stop drawing electricity from the mains.

Higher Specs Are Always Better

When it comes to phones size doesn’t really matter. It is how you use it that counts. When companies have lots of RAM or more megapixels it’s sometimes a marketing gimmick to get consumers to buy their product.

For example, an iPhone could be faster than a Samsung phone even though the latter has more RAM, which their fans will love bragging about. Fortunately it’s not always the case, especially when it comes to Apple.

Automatic Brightness Saves Power

Your automatic brightness setting allows your phone to adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the environment you’re in. Although it might have its uses, saving you power isn’t one of them.

When this is switched on your CPU will be pinged multiple times throughout the day. How many times are you in environments where the light changes? This will hurt your battery life more than always having a bright screen.

Only Use The Official Phone Charger

This only really affects Apple users in most cases. People are scared to use anything except the official phone chargers because they’ve been led to believe anything else will damage their phone.

This is only partly true, so don’t worry if you’re abroad and you need to find a replacement in a hurry. A non-official charger will only damage your phone if you buy a cheap knock-off, but good quality ones are okay.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

How many of these myths have you already busted yourself? If you’re aware of everything we’ve talked about today you’re in the minority. People actually believe these myths, which you can see will have a negative impact on their lives even if it’s only in a small way.

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4 Reasons Your IT Infrastructure is Broken (and How to Fix it)

Image Credit: Pixabay

Companies tend to make the best of a bad situation, especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure. If things are in some type of working order, they will assume everything is fine and carry on with other tasks. Even though IT is so important to the workings of a modern business, many companies will ignore the updates and changes they need to make to their IT infrastructure. Companies could do with the assistance of IT consultants such as Prosyn to help them determine whether they are doing things in the right way. We can also look at four signs that your IT infrastructure may be broken, and how you could fix it.

1. Software is at the “End of Life

Most software is not meant to last forever. With upgrades or new versions being released, developers often try to phase out a edition after a few years. If you are noticing that your software keeps warning you about the end of its life, you may have to make some changes soon. For instance, you could:

  • Find a new program to perform the same tasks.
  • Check if the software you use has a new version.

2. Using Multiple Systems on One Task

If it takes you four different programs to complete the simplest of tasks, you are doing something wrong. The whole purpose of software and IT with respect to businesses is to make things easier, not more complicated. If you find that you do not have a streamlined way of getting things done online, it means you need to consider upgrading and replacing the software you are currently using. You need software that is more efficient, modern and feature-filled.

3. Running Out of Storage Space

If you are constantly getting calls from your employees, and they keep complaining about how their computers say they are running out of storage space, you are in trouble. Whether it is the physical servers at your office, or the cloud system that you are connected to, you will need to change things up to ensure there is ample space for work to get done. A lack of storage space not only means things are harder to save, but it also means the entire system runs slower. Consult with an IT specialist to figure out alternate storage options if necessary.

4. Employees Use Different Hardware

It is understandable for your employees to own different smartphones, but your office also needs some structure and uniformity when it comes to computers and IT. For instance, your employees should be using the same:

  • computers
  • software for work-related tasks
  • email and task managing applications

If everyone is using different hardware, it is hard to get any consistency with respect to their productivity, or how they manage their work tasks that require computer programs.

5. Applications Are Slow

If your employees spend half their time staring at the computer screen, because everything takes too long to load, you are in trouble. These issues are usually a sign that the computers you are running are too old and not properly optimized. If you are lucky, getting new hard drives is enough, but you may have to get entirely new systems.

Making changes to your IT department is not easy, but these changes are often necessary. Using new software and hardware is a big step, but it is a step that will help increase your company’s productivity in a big way.

Apps and Software

5 Crazy Ways People Are Exploiting Software To Make Money

Software was created to make the world a better place. In a few years it’s going to take over everything while we sit back and watch. It’s even given us the ability to explore outer space. When you consider how important it is to our daily lives, you’ve got to laugh when you spot some of the crazy ways people are using it to make a few bucks. Let’s take a closer look at how they’re actually doing it.

Writing Dating Profiles

Have you ever wondered how so many guys have all the luck on apps like Tinder? There must be a reason why girls are swiping right for them all day long. Perhaps it’s because they’re not even writing their own profiles or choosing the photos they use. Why bother when experts are taking advantage of the software to make money writing dating profiles for guys they don’t even know?

Connecting To Dead Pets

It’s hard enough speaking to pets when they’re alive. They might understand certain commands, but you can’t have a chat with them about sports or politics. Apparently things must change once they’ve passed over to the other side, because you’ll be able to find a medium who will let you connect with them. Skype is the best software in the world for communicating with (living) people, but this sounds like madness.

Rent Out Your Garden

Do you remember when you used to go camping in the woods as a child? It turns out people are more interested in sleeping under the stars while in the city. They will even pay you for the privilege of using your back garden. If you set up an account on Airbnb you will actually be paid to let someone pitch a tent for a night or two on your grass. It’s the closest thing ever to free money.

Playing Video Games

Playing video games is one of the most popular pastimes on the planet, but gamers are taking things one step further. They’re posting videos of them playing games on sites like YouTube, but the strange thing is millions of fans actually watch them every day. The fact they have a crowd isn’t why this makes the list. It’s because the big players in the industry are making millions of dollars per year.

Betting On Sports

Bookmakers rely on software to come up with their odds. You can guarantee all the big guns on BettingTop 10 will have software you wouldn’t be able to comprehend, because there is big money on the line 24 hours per day. Gamblers are getting smart and they’re using their own software to analyze thousands of stats at once, which would be impossible to do in your head even if you were a genius.

All It Takes Is A Good Imagination

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Latest Tech

Why You Need a Kodi Box

The invention of television has been hailed as one of the most important of the 2oth century. The box in the corner is now a staple of every home, and the modern version is a very impressive device indeed. In fact, it could be argued that things took another revolutionary turn with the arrival of the Smart TV, which can access the internet and takes entertainment possibilities to a new level. However, we are going to tell you about an alternative way of getting access to everything you get with a smart TV – and much more – at a mere fraction of the cost. Are you interested? Of course you are, so here’s why you really need a Kodi Box!

What is Kodi?

You may or may not have heard about Kodi boxes, but either way, we reckon we can convince you that you need one! Consider this: you’ll pay a few hundred for a new smart TV, but why would you if you can pay just a few quid for a Kodi box, and get the same benefits? The great things is that Kodi – sometimes referred to as Android TV as it uses that operating system – is open source, and has been developed by many different sources over the past few years. The other great thing is that, once you have bought your Kodi box, you don’t need to pay any more; no subscriptions, nothing, you have access to massive amounts of content already.

There are many different Kodi boxes on the market, and you can find some excellent Kodi box reviews of the best ones at the linked website, so we recommend you consider all the packages that you can find out about. We also recommend that you buy the most capable model you can afford, with plenty of memory for storing your favourite apps and add-ons – we’ll talk more about those in a moment – and the best processor for eliminating buffering. What can you expect from your Kodi box? All-round entertainment at its very best!

Apps and Add-Ons

If you already use a smartphone you will be familiar with apps; they come in many forms, and can provide practical help as well as being fun. With your Kodi box you have access to the same apps you can download to your android phone, and play games on your television! All the family will make use of such a feature, so you can be sure this will be money well-spent. Now, on to add-ons. Your Kodi box will probably come with some add-ons already pre-installed; you’ll be able to access thousands of TV shows, films, and even live sports events, and many come with YouTube ready to use, and social media access at your fingertips.

You can also access apps that allow you to watch the likes of Netflix and other streaming sites, so you have even more content to choose from, and we guarantee that your Kodi box will become the centre of your home entertainment hub, with access to music sites as well as your favourite television shows. You can read reviews of the best Kodi box add-ons and decide which are right for you, but we recommend the live sport add-ons if you are a sports fan, no matter what your favourite is!

How it Works

A Kodi box is the latest in ‘over the top’ – or OTT – broadcasting, which is essentially TV over broadband. You need only a home broadband connection, and you’re ready to go. You simply plug the box in with its leads – usually supplied – and follow the simple set-up instructions to get it ready. You’ll need to give it access to your broadband, so have your password ready! We recommend you buy a package that includes a mini wireless keyboard, as this will make it much easier for you to type in the names of the channels you want to watch, or the apps you need to access.

Are you convinced? We thought you would be! Kodi really is the future of home entertainment, and such a massive saving over buying a smart TV that it really is quite amazing. Have a look at the website we recommended for more information, and get yourself into the 21st century of television, film and apps on your TV!